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  1. Well I live in Canada, not exactly a stroll in the park to visit him unfortunately....
  2. I'm still out of $920.00, in which I now have a lot of work to do to rectify this issue. I could try to contact his bank, but I doubt there's much I can do. The best I can do is find a way to directly contact him as he's ignoring my emails now (of course he is). I truly think this is a great learning curve for me, but it's not me who will suffer in the long run. Do not EVER buy anything from this man. I know he does a lot of buy/sell with carnivorous plants and I would hate to hear of others who got scammed too. He's completely untrustworthy, anything that comes from him is a lie. I hope this man grows a conscience and repays me. I would definitely make a note of it here publicly if he did.
  3. Yes. He offered to sell me some leafcutter ant and bullet ant queens. He demanded payment via wire transfer, which I paid in total $920.00 He told me that he sent it to my address, with tracking. The parcel has been looping since he sent it on the 19th because he sent it to "Hamilton Public Library" with a Stoney creek postal code, instead of sending it to my address. My name wasn't even on the parcel at all, nor was my postal code. The tracking stated that it was sent out for delivery in stoney creek, but my local post office couldn't find any parcel under my name. I eventually tracked it down to where it actually was. I opened it to find only newspaper in it. He sent a bogey parcel to make it look like it was sent.
  4. Yes, he just scammed me a parcel and I'm down a thousand dollars. Don't trust him!!!!!!!!!!!! I have all the photos and proof of everything if you require it. ALFRED NIMMO IS A SCAM ARTIST. If you'd like the proof, I have the full email conversations, copies of everything including bank transfer, address, etc. I am really upset about it and the world needs to know who he really is. Here's what he sent me for my $1000.00 that I spent