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  1. hello and welcome fabio :) would love to see some pictures of your collection.
  2. Thanks bigphill1984 . The absolute hardest part is managing all the plants needs, thankfully I have picked suitably similar plants and for those that need winter dormancy, I will take out and allow them to go dormant as needed. What I have chosen to grow has to have all similar needs in humidity and temperatures. I still love my CPs though despite growing other plants as well. I will look into selling them eventually but I want to get somewhat established before doing so. Good luck to yourself as well with your plants :)
  3. I will be upgrading and buying another tent soon, something that should measure about 120 (w) x 120 (l) x 200 (h). However while all the plants are small, this will suffice for now till my collections grows and the plants themselves grow as well. Eventually I want the two tents next to each other and have the smaller one for germination and starting plants off and as they grow and mature, get them into the taller tent. :) Few more wage slips and we will invest in the next stage. :)
  4. Overview - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4rnX997EbasX2ROQ2pnc25MSWduVzZWdTE5cEs3QzlXbGNJ Intake - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4rnX997EbaseVE0YzRpQjhYNHFXc05hZ1NENC15MHctS29F Electrics - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4rnX997EbasZHJMcWNSLXVRa2lpNW4tX00zQzJNMjYxLXNj Right Fan - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4rnX997EbasQ0wxYUQ3bUthcUxWRVhfUEtGWjBUaEkyQWpR Left Fan - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4rnX997EbasU05aLVZubllEanBrdEdpUXlnM0hnQlRzaGlB Exhaust - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4rnX997EbasQjEzdDVWc05ObHoycksxMko3ZEVTVldlTkI0 Exhaust 2 - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4rnX997EbasVjlYMXpXMnZLaG5JRmV0Mko4cEpiTmpELTFn Intake Fan - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4rnX997Ebasb0poRGw4RHFyTkxLUFZZcl82bVp2czdQWmt3 Had to put them all on my google drive as we are allocated so much on this forum to upload. Hope this helps :) Sometimes I do leave it open but the issue is it completely depletes the humidity in the grow room having the front opened up. Its also a pain as sometimes I have to be at work at 6am and I dont always have time in the mornings to check the weather for later that day while I'm at work.
  5. There are 3 circular ports (to allow for intake, exhaust and cables of electronics), one port is designated for each option. I currently have a 4" inline fan pulling air from my room into the grow tent (which I spend most of my time at home in), If its a dry day and I plan to be at work or out of the house then I will put the ventilation pipe out the window to draw air in from outside. This is strong enough to shake the plants slightly and draws enough air to make sure that the air inside the grow tent does not become stale. There are two small clip on fans inside the grwo tent on either side to create a good circulation of air inside and through convection, warm air from the grow room is passively pulled through the exhaust port into the dehumidifier to be circulated into the room I am in so I do not get humid warm air. Because of the dehumidifier doing its job outside of the grow tent, I have also got a humidifier inside the grow tent to increase the humidity to around 60-70%. It takes constant monitoring and everything but they do grow better in there than anywhere in or out of my house. :) I hope this was detailed enough for you? :)
  6. I got all mine sitting at 26.C, plenty of 'wind' for them from the fans, plenty of light and so much distilled water that I could drown them all. My issue when its warm in the UK is keeping the heat down on my grow room, but thankfully its colder more than it is warmer. ;)
  7. I wish the house I moved into had south facing windowsills :(. its why I just gave in and started indoor growing. Good light with the natural light, I hope you are lucky where you are and it's not raining. if its not raining or windy then its snowing here I dont know why I moved where I did
  8. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4rnX997EbaseXNfY19SNDlmUmpGUHV5Ny02clRLWWF2Rllr Got all mine under 2 x 150watts and as young CPs and other misc plants, they are all doing brilliant since I made the changes from 45watts to T5 to 150 watts :) I have found that the budget LED lighting systems are too weak and resemble the strength of moonlight on plants. As a temporary fix it is possible to grow under the budget lights but they will definitely have a slow growth rate and the light needs to be very close for you to get any response from them. I have mine about 2 foot higher than the plants at this stage :) Hope this helps you Bigphil1984 :) Edit: The low wattage on budget lights does create longer stems as plants will grow as high as they need to, to get to the light, which is why i think your traps are lifting slightly. :)
  9. Elliott Sturgess


    Welcome Sal from another newbie :)
  10. Those are beautiful, what ages have we got on each of them?
  11. I have a 40w tubular heater in my small grow tent, it has a thermostat which I monitor the heat and is slightly dry heat but is no issue if you either have a humidifier or high humidity anyway, didnt cost a bomb but does require good air circulation to get rid of hotspots or missed areas I have it sitting slightly off centre. With the thermostat on low it shouldnt drink too much juice? Also , like a gremlin, don't get it wet when watering, it will require removal of the unit temporarily while you water the plants as the safest option.
  12. Hey bigphil1984, thank you. Glad to be here, what cps you got growing? :)
  13. Hey, Got my new distiller today, its been on now for about 40 minutes and is supposedly produces about 1 litre an hour stated from the booklet. it also is a lot cheaper than having to buy distilled water as I have been checking the output and it costs about 16p per litre of water in comparison to the nearly £3 that I've been paying per 5 litres. should save me about 20-30p a litre which may not seem like much but considering how often i need water for the plants, it should make the money back on the distiller in no time :) Just tested the water and PH is picked up at 7.4 meanwhile the PPM test of the water is showing 004ppm. For a piece of equipment that cost £52.99 I do have to say its very good :)
  14. Hello Stu and thank you. Been looking around this forum now for a day and I have not seen anyone with anything similar so if there's any questions regarding them, I would be happy to answer. Hi Tropicat and thank you, I am glad to finally be able to talk to someone else instead of my uninterested friends in regards to my plants. At the moment they are all in the early stages and just to rhyme off the carnivorous guys that I have: Nepenthes Tobaica Nepenthes Albomarginata Drosera Capensis Sarracenia (Mixed) *I am unsure as to which of these as they arrived mixed and unnamed which does not help me in knowing which are which.* Sarracenia Leucophylla Dionaea Muscipula Utricularia Volubilis I have not labelled any of these but I do remember where and which they are in the grow tent. I am hoping to invest and expand my grow tent but for that I am just waiting on a few more wage slips. I have just ordered 2 x 300w LED systems because I fear once out of the germination period some of these will need more lighting and my 3 sets of LED lights are not strong enough to provide them with what they need, the new ones that will arrive tomorrow should allow me to change the lighting conditions based on vegetation or bloom. :) Thanks again guys for the warm welcome. **EDIT: Added pictures that I put into the Propagation section on here for you to see the stage we are currently at in my grow tent :)