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  1. Plantsman89

    How many water butts?

    Have have one 1000L IBC tank and three 210L butts on my 12x6. I still needed to use an RO system this summer. To be honest get as many as you have room for, you can never have too many.
  2. Plantsman89

    Plantsman89's Plants

    S x Areolata Very colorful clone, snow white flower (Hans Luhrs) CA-SX83
  3. Does anyone know if those tubular heaters are any good? I've just been looking at heating options again.
  4. Plantsman89

    Plantsman89's Plants

    S. leucophylla var. alba Fine red veins MK-L62 S. leucophylla var. alba MK-L9 S. leucophylla cv Tarnok, this has been a bit of a surprise this year with this monster autumn pitcher.
  5. Plantsman89

    Plantsman89's Plants

    N. veitchii N. ampullaria Lime Twist
  6. Plantsman89

    Plantsman89's Plants

    S. leucophylla var alba MK-L9 S. leucophylla var alba Baldwin Co AL S. leucophylla Hurricane Creek White N. eymae
  7. Plantsman89

    Plantsman89's Plants

    S. leucophylla f. viridescens Bill Scholl MK-L46a S. leucophylla Red stripe throat MK-L111 S. leucophylla var. alba C. Klein 1998
  8. Thank you Manders, I'll check them out
  9. It's not going to be massive, it'll be either 6x6 or 6x4. I plan to get a 6x18 (which is the biggest my other half as agreed to lol) with an internal partition. Thermostats are another thing I need to ask about. Are there any good ones that'll do day and night temps?
  10. With a move due within next 4-6 weeks I shall be buying a bigger greenhouse for my ever expanding CP collection, and want to move the Nepenthes out of the terrariums and into the greenhouse. So they have more space to grow and vine. I have lighting and regulating humidity sorted but the heating has me stumped. Any help regarding what to use and hints and tips of making a success of it would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Plantsman89

    Uknown Green house pest

    It could be mycelium of a fungus or fungus-like bacterial colony.
  12. Plantsman89

    Hints and tips for RO systems.

    I thought it would have been less than 100ppm. I must say I'm very jealous of the 19ppm from the tap too! One thing worth noting though, the lack of dissolved solids in the DI water shouldn't do them any harm and won't rob the plants of minerals. Roots work by osmosis.
  13. Plantsman89

    Hints and tips for RO systems.

    Just put of interest, what would be a 'safe' limit on the ppm?
  14. Plantsman89

    Hints and tips for RO systems.

    I do believe so yes
  15. Plantsman89

    Hints and tips for RO systems.

    I certainly need that 4th, we have 420ppm straight out the tap.