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  1. Hi Richard, I don't know if carambola keeps his name public on these forums but @Zebirus quoted his real name as well. I appreciate that you removed David's post though. Customer's information should not be released.
  2. So we had placed a large order (just under $2500) with Carnivoria in July. A few plants were missing, no big deal. People were planning on doing a reorder, which I joined in on since I had a missing Dionaea B52. I also jumped at the opportunity to buy a macrophylla as I have been dying to get one! The second order was shipped around September 23rd. We were then informed it was not sent by EMS. The order finally arrived on October 4th, with a few plants dead. My free Dionaea B52 made it but my N. macrophylla was dead. I believe I spent around $200 the first time around. We also did not receive phytosanitary paperwork for the reorder which kind of rubbed me the wrong way. In the end, I did get the refund for my dead macrophylla but am incredibly disappointed that it was not sent as EMS which would have avoided the issue. I basically joined in on the reorder for nothing. All that said, the first order was great. It came from Czech to Canada in two days and every single plant arrived happy and healthy. I lost two ramispina and a copelandii due to my families negligence however. I am very happy with the plants I received from the first order, but am very disappointed in regards to the reorder. I would really like an N. macrophylla. The plants were quality, I just dislike what haappened the second time around. -- Craig
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    Drosera allantostigma

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