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  1. I open all bags of grit or sand in august and put loads of small holes with needle in the bottom of the bags that I need the next year .I leave them outside all winter this washers a load of rubbish out of the grit/sand .
  2. If you look on ebay someone is selling about 4'000 tonnes . You could get yourself a bargain if it's anygood for you .
  3. You can use old wire screwed into a ball and push down into fallpipe free from skips if you haven't got any .
  4. In the future if you sink your pots in deep sand and water at one given point you would use less water . Be aware of the weight this does work on any plants I have used this method in the past and is very good if going away .
  5. Is the water any good from streams or rivers near you .
  6. People have grown them for many years with no effect in tap water . It's down to your local water supply . The only answer to this question is try it out sometime on a spare plant sometime .
  7. You can get fungicides on the internet if you import them for botrytis these are the only fungicides worth buying . I use captain which is fine for carnivorous plants .
  8. Your dogs won't go near the greenhouse when you fit glass they aren't thick . Second glass won't costs you a penny if you beg it double glazing companies etc and it's very easy to cut .
  9. If you have pocket /s of perlite your wick won't work have you mixed the compost well .
  10. Once the compost is wet all the way though the pot and you stand the pot in water the compost should always be wet at the top . It sounds to me that you could have too much perlite in the pot .
  11. I buy my peat from a place about twenty miles way . It's free delivery on all orders over forty quid but their is a charge of about a quid per bag towards delivery . Sadly it only covers a certain towns around there depot . Perhaps their is somewhere near you that does this service. Or perhaps when you go somewhere in your car you could pick some up on your travels if you do your research beforehand . There is also people on the internet who deliver to your door but the price will depend on how much you are willing to order to keep costs down .
  12. Thanks a lot Alexis It looks like I have no option but to try gorilla tape greenhouse tape also falls off after a short tine in winter the glue is very poor .Greenhouse tape was very good many years ago when it was made in the uk . Gorilla claims it sticks to stone and is weather proof I will give it ago and see how it does with the sun only time will tell .
  13. As anyone tried gorilla tape instead of duck tape for either greenhouse use or outside . Gorilla does a range of products which as very good feedback not cheap though . Many are selling poor quality tapes as ducktape . I am thing of trying it as I think this would be better than duck tape . Thank you in advance .