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  1. None of the TDS stuff really matters if you only resort to high TDS water in a pinch. Doing so consistently over a longer period of time is what does these plants in as the minerals in the soil pile up and become too much for the plants to handle. Either way, the TDS of the river water could be all over the place, so it might as well be tap water (or your tap water might even come straight from the river). You could get demineralised water at (nearly) any grocery store real cheap, though.
  2. That is insane. If possible, I would add a copy of that email to your communications with PayPal, so they can see for themselves that he is trying to do shady stuff behind their backs. It sounds very much like something that would get his account, including all funds, permanently frozen.
  3. Spread the seeds on soil, keep them moist and warm, and wait. It can take a long time for them to germinate, and it will take a very long time for them to grow into adult plants.
  4. Great, PayPal just replied and said I have to 'return the object' to get my money back. There's no way to respond that this is impossible: these are live plants, they could have been infected with a disease in my care so sending them back would mean infecting Carnivoria's entire collection. They didn't even mention the plant I didn't receive, how am I supposed to send that one back? Pretty disappointed in PayPal here. I'll try and look for a solution. I hope you'll get your money back no questions asked, GRB. Edit: the only way I could find to send any information was by submitting an empty tracking code, and writing my concerns in the Notes box, so that's what I did. I hope they won't think I'm just trying to mess around. I could live with not receiving a refund for the living plants if I don't return them, but the dead and by now composted plants, and especially the one never sent...
  5. The rain won't be a problem. A wet paintbrush could probably also do the trick. Either way, the plant will have to lose its dew for a day. Pinguicula, just like any other plant, do receive rainfall in nature.
  6. Not to mention that way the bottom parts of the moss don't rot. The rotting doesn't really affect the growth of the moss (it's what happens in nature as well), the smell of sulfur is just not very nice.
  7. Technically Utricularia don't really have leaves or roots, or really anything but flower stalks and a strange hybrid tangly mess of stolons. Very interesting plants.
  8. Going by the URL, it looks like it's caused by an old picture host that was overtaken by bad guys. A moderator should look into removing all posts that link to 'imgplace'.
  9. I'm sure someone has some Roridula available...
  10. Yeah, I've noticed the website always says everything is in stock. Even now it still shows the Utricularia praelonga as being available, clearly it isn't! I've escalated my case to PayPal and am waiting for a solution, because David simply replied "I think paypal refund you". Not very helpful.
  11. Beautiful pictures as always, I especially like the one with the three lone intermedia leaves sticking out of the water and made it the background picture on my phone. I really should visit Poland again to look at all these lovely plants.
  12. Those binata are looking quite chuffed. Do you keep all of these in the same growing conditions year round?
  13. The person complaining posted the full address details of the suspected fraudster and suggested he would pay people to go there (even though 1. the person complaining could be supplying a fake address, 2. the suspected fraudster could have supplied a fake address and 3. the legal issues I mentioned in my previous post), and the rest of the thread was basically a reaction to that. I think that's all that was deleted. Although the poster's story was crazy, it's still somewhat believable because the likelihood of someone coming up with something that crazy out of thin air is nil. The new users who signed up right before posting their only post in that thread were a bit suspicious, though.
  14. Sheila is correct here in saying that there were too many pitchforks for a distinct lack of hay. Especially posting someone's address details (no matter if it's the address of a con artist or of a random person) and essentially telling people to go out there and knock out whoever happens to open the door is not a good thing, has nothing to do with freedom of speech and as it is inciting violence, I'm pretty sure it's also illegal in most countries. Removing the offending posts was the right thing to do, locking the thread, not sure.
  15. I don't know what you're talking about. They don't need drainage holes (I have yet to see bogs with holes in them), and Sarracenia purpurea (which the bulk of these are clearly at least a hybrid of, the others I guess are psittacina hybrids) grow in the wild all the way up in Canada. The UK has a temperate climate, Sarracenia should be grown outside.
  16. The email address should be penningmeester[at]carnivora[dot]nl.
  17. In that case they'll probably be just fine, I was thinking more of a transit of several days.
  18. That is truly terrible, I hope there is a way to retrieve your money. I'll make sure to point anyone looking for info on him to your posts.
  19. Just acclimatising, they'll get new leaves with dew in a couple of days. Depending on how long they were in transit, most of the old leaves will stay dry for the rest of their days.
  20. No, but it's going to give you better results. On a regular windowsill it will grow very slowly and won't consistently form pitchers (not that you would really notice the special characteristics the first couple of years). Anything is possible, but everything requires a compromise.
  21. Worth mentioning that you can water Nepenthes and at least the Mexican species of Pinguicula (I'm not sure about the temperate species) with tap water, TDS doesn't really matter for them.
  22. Haha, sorry for the confusion, I didn't mean you should accurately weigh the pot (but it doesn't hurt). If you pick it up a few days after watering and it feels heavy, there's enough water left. If it feels light, it's time to water again. This is a very easy technique for growing plants indoors, where the medium often isn't really visible or the top of the soil is dry (because of the lower humidity) even though the rest is still wet. Of course, if it's a huge plant in a 50l pot, I don't recommend picking it up every other day, but for smaller plants and pots, it works wonders. If you're an obsessive gardener like me, you won't have any problems doing this procedure over and over. The Sarracenia will grow best outdoors in a temperate climate because that's where they grow naturally. While typing and reading the previous posts again, I realised Tropicat already wrote all of this, so I'll just post this to show that I completely agree with Tropicat.
  23. Astonishingly, he is now suggesting that I am the one who is trying to scam him out of his money, all because I sent him an email that was a bit too nicely worded (and was sent before he admitted he did not send part of the order on purpose, yet still took my money). He didn't even bother replying to my concerns about the tiny plant sold to me as an adult, nor did he mention anything about the plant he didn't send, and is pretending as though nothing is wrong.
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