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  1. The shape is really nice, although I'm not very fond of the veins coloured up like that, looks too much like a Sarracenia. Regardless, I suppose the price will be sky high for the first couple of years anyway.
  2. There are lots of different species of bamboo, but one thing to note for many of them is that if you plant them in your garden, you should dig an extra meter down and to the sides and fill it with concrete. Bamboo can and will destroy everything, and it grows so quickly you could be gone for a weekend and come back to your neighbours complaining about 4cm thick, 3m high unbreakable bamboo stalks wrecking their garden.
  3. You don't need any drainage holes in a bog garden. You can drill some close to the top as you were already planning to do if you don't want the pot to overflow after heavy rainfall, but it isn't necessary if you don't have any plants (like Pinguicula) that could float away. One thing I would note is, because your pot is relatively small, it's more likely to freeze in winter, so you should keep it somewhere it's less likely to freeze when it gets cold - this could even be in an unheated room in your house. Otherwise not much you can do wrong, just keep the soil as wet as you can. What would that accomplish other than requiring the moss/peat/etc to wick the water up fifteen cm before it reaches the top? And what would the charcoal do?
  4. For sure it's a binata, but there's no way to tell the specific kind if the plant is still young, as it only starts to branch out further once it gets bigger, and a lot also depends on the growing conditions.
  5. What I meant to say was that it isn't necessarily so that either the new shoots are causing deformed leaves, or deformed leaves are causing new shoots, but there could (likely) be a different cause responsible for both the new shoots and the deformed leaves. As Blocky71 and David wrote, it could be aphids sucking on the new leaves, causing the plant to create more offshoots to survive.
  6. Interesting, thanks for the information and pictures. They seem greener, smaller and more stretched out than they would be outside, but they still look pretty good considering their abnormal growing conditions. I have a feeling this will be a new long term experiment for me.
  7. It's technically possible, but unlikely, because the clones are always selected for their looks and not for their ability to handle unnatural growing conditions. What are your indoor temperatures?
  8. Okay, then I'm 100% sure it's a scam and they're grass seeds.
  9. Those are looking very nice! Really makes me want to hurry up and pot my seeds already. Did you have any of them suddenly give up the ghost after getting their adult leaves, without a clear cause? I'm trying to figure out if I should maybe get some more seeds to be future proof. Btw, is that a pineapple to the right of the big one?
  10. Pinguicula x 'Tina' will grow in pretty much anything, no need to worry about it.
  11. Thanks for posting this thread! I'll have to try again with my remaining seeds, taking your advice in mind. I would have thought the seeds had to be flat side up, because the heavier and rounded side would be the one touching the ground first after the seed had been blown away in nature. The one seedling I had came out looking fine with the seed flat side up, the 'wings' still attached.
  12. If you keep the bag on the pot for the rest of your life, maybe. Otherwise, no.
  13. Interested in seeing a picture of your Welwitschia (unless I missed it on the pictures you've already posted). I tried growing some last year, but only got one seed to sprout, and then managed to kill the seedling by locking it in a much too humid jar in full sun. I still have some seeds left, so I think I'll give it another try soonish. Do you have any germination and general growing tips? Nicely decorated studio, btw, it's as if you're right in the middle of a forest.
  14. Unfortunately the site was still/again completely inaccessible all day today. Hope it can be solved soon!
  15. I read something once that it keeps the caught gnats from walking onto the non-sticky side of the leaf to escape. It does seem like they can trawl across the whole leaf, but still end up stuck at the edges. That said, if they walk to the other side, they can just crawl onto the bottom of the next leaf, so I'm not sure how much weight can be given to this explanation.
  16. You don't need to repot Pinguicula unless you just want to put them in a nicer looking pot, they don't care and their roots don't grow beyond the 2cm mark. They don't need distilled water, tap water will do fine. A little bit of water every 2-3 weeks will suffice to keep them healthy, more is unnecessary. In winter they get tiny succulent leaves, so need less water still. They flower profusely, and I'm pretty sure the amount of flowers is an indication of the amount of growth points (that will become visible in a matter of weeks). Very easy to take care of, they're basically regular house plants with greasy leaves.
  17. They'll take (and should get) any and all sun they can get - there aren't too many plants that don't like full sun, and Darlingtonia certainly isn't one of them.
  18. If they're outdoors, they should be catching more than enough on their own anyway.
  19. The problem is that you could have paid a scammer too much money for something you won't know is wrong till it's far too late (unless the seeds are obviously not Nepenthes) and you can no longer get your money back or leave a bad review, thereby both getting ripped off and supporting these practices. That said I must have missed the part where you wrote that you got them on eBay.
  20. A fool and his money are soon parted!
  21. Hold the crown with your fingers, turn the vase upside down, and shake it loose. It should be outdoors, too. Heliamphora are more suited to growing on a windowsill as they don't need to go dormant in winter, and the vase would actually be a good pot for them.
  22. None of the TDS stuff really matters if you only resort to high TDS water in a pinch. Doing so consistently over a longer period of time is what does these plants in as the minerals in the soil pile up and become too much for the plants to handle. Either way, the TDS of the river water could be all over the place, so it might as well be tap water (or your tap water might even come straight from the river). You could get demineralised water at (nearly) any grocery store real cheap, though.
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