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  1. I have had a very good germination rate with my sarrencinia and vft seeds. These all sprouted easily and did seem to be doing well, this was around February time. The seedlings seemed to have stopped making any progress, as if they have stopped growing. All the sarrs are around 15mm tall and the vfts have produced small traps but it just seems that they have come to a stand still. The plants are under lights for around 14hrs per day. Am I expecting too much too soon?
  2. Just to say, I saved one of my vft. Small plant was bought from a hardware store and deteriated very quickly with a rotten bulb. Removed bulb and washed and cut away all blackness just leaving whatever white was left. Couple of weeks layer and a new leaf has started emerging. Go team me
  3. I have an open topped tank that receives sunlight by day and is topped up by t5 grow lights in the darker evenings. I am growing highland nepenthes and helimaphora quite well but would like to add some variety. Anyone have any suggestions as to which other plants would suit these conditions? Cheers
  4. Sounds like a line from a song?
  5. Maybe on other planets plants are the rulers and grow humans in terrainiums and bog gardens!
  6. Seen this on nearly all uk sites. Ideally looking some helimaphora but this is not limited to these plants only. Too early in the season?
  7. Aphids all gone, seems safe to use on neps, helis and apina utriularia. Only downside I noticed is that my sundews didn't seem to like it as much but appear to be coming back to health again so it's a thumbs up from me.
  8. It' a bit quiet on here and I have already ordered the provado, fingers crossed. Thanks anyway
  9. Dunno if how the buggers got in but they are crawling over my helimaphora and uric. Would something like provado do the trick? Any help appriciated.
  10. What country are you in? Are they outside in your propagator?
  11. Really disappointed with this plant. Grows like a weed in my terrarium but never flowers. Boo hoo!
  12. Ha, we should torture him with questions
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