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  1. Same here. Most of today. It was ok over weekend.
  2. Just be careful with the cheap ones as the shelves can bend if they have too much weight on them.
  3. Thanks, I will leave alone until next year.
  4. Been fairly new to the hobby, I just did what I thought everybody else was doing. I don't suppose they will grow much more this year unless I can keep them warm and give them plenty of light. They are currently in my greenhouse, but this is only frost protected during the winter.
  5. Thanks, that's what I thought but always best to check.
  6. I have 15 Sarracenia seedlings that are about 4 weeks old. When would be best to thin these out into there own pots, or should I leave them until they are much older?
  7. I have been getting the same on my windows laptop. DNS error
  8. You could always pick up a bottle of deionized water or pop to your local aquarium shop for RO water to keep you going until you have enough rain water.
  9. Juan, is correct. Patience is the key. In this hobby nothing happens fast, unless its a VFT closing, on an unsuspecting meal.
  10. My introduction to CP's was meeting with Peter from Wacks Carnivorous plants at Harrogate Flower Show two years ago. I took one look at the Sarracenia's he had on display and instantly decided I want one of those. Six months later my partner bought a Nepenthes for me as a gift. The rest is history and now I have about 13 established plants, about 30 seedlings along with seeds still awaiting germination. My daughter says I am addicted. I say I have an interest lol. It is a very easy to get hooked on CP's and can end up expensive if you take into account the desire to purchase a greenhouse etc. This isn't a fly by night hobby, but one where dedication and patience are needed. Rewards are plentiful when you see your first seed germinate and develop into a miniature CP. These plants are amazing.
  11. Had a great day out at Harlow Carr today. The grounds are amazing and well worth a visit. My CP colllection has now increased by another two plants. Another Sarra and my first Ceph. Cephalotus folliculars Sarracenia Eva
  12. Looking forward to Harlow Carr tomorrow. Always been meaning to visit the gardens and now I have no excuse not to. Weather forecast to be good over weekend so should be a great day.
  13. AndeeUK


    JuanP is correct. Is this really the outcome we want. I honestly don't think so. I joined this forum and the CPS because after taking up an interest in CP's i needed guidance on how to look after my beloved babies. The forum along with joining the CPS was a place where I expected to be able to gain the knowledge I needed, to expand my interest and maybe to gain a few more friends. I have met a few of you at various shows around the country and always found you very helpful, friendly and willing to give advice to a newby like me. I often lurk on the forum and post very occasionally, but the knowledge I have got from reading your posts is tons more than reading any book on the subject and is why I personally decided to sponsor the forum and to give a little back for the mountains of information I have got from you all and I thank you. Personally, I think this Nimmo issue has gone on too long and as JuanP has rightly said, this is now being distructive to both the forum and the hobby. Please can we put this whole issue to bed and get on with what we all enjoy doing best and at least look forward to our next get together. In my case visiting Harlow Carr this weekend. Something to look forward to (or Not?). Andrew