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  1. Ok yeah I'm thinking the same. Thank goodness I was worried lol
  2. Unfortunately no all I have at my disposal is my cruddy iPhone. However I have been observing specific traps on and off for lengths of time throughout the day and I'm convinced that these white specs aren't moving I used some regular rain water and sprayed the leaves and traps and noticed that they are being washed away so I'm hopeful that it's just Pollen or debris .. i'm just not sure what it could be if it isn't debris
  3. Hey all , one of my bog gardens is located under a tree that does put off a lot polling and debris. Not to mention the lawn company has been blowing a lot of stuff into the air with leaf blowers. I noticed these little white things on some of my traps. They don't seem to be moving but I figured I'd get a second opinion on here. Thanks !!!
  4. I'm starting to think the bigger ceph I received won't fit in the highland tank.. so you think it would be better off in a tray by a window or in the tent?
  5. Hey all, I grow all cps and with great success.. however cephs have always given me a hard time. I had 3 growing very well for over a year then out of no where they seemed to just fade away to nothing. So I just recently purchased a few new ones. Would I be better off growing them in my highland tank? 76 during the day and 55 at night? or in my tent.. 80 daytime 69 night. Both at 80-90% humidity thanks for the help