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  1. Hi all, thank you very much for such good words. We had very nice week end: all the 7 lectures were very very interesting, sellers offered lots of plants and some very rare, plant exhibition showed the best of italian growers collection and lunch and gala dinner were nice situation for lots of fun and good food. We have a lots of thanks: thank you to CP expert for the lectures, thank you to the sellers for beeing in Italy both for selling their plants but primaly for sharing time together and thank you to all the people from abroad who travelled to be in Italy. The biggest and more special
  2. Hello, other news at: http://eee.aipcnet.eu/index_eng.html New pages for non-professional sellers: please read carefully becuase italian law is very restrictive. You can ask info at: info.EEE @ gmail.com Rita
  3. Here we are ready to welcome you all! Don't forget to book your friday and saturday evening meals at prenotazioni.aipc @ gmail.com Rita
  4. Dear CP friends, We are working hard on EEE and AIPC web site offers new features. Please, visit AIPC web site: www.aipcnet.it, home page will link to EEE english pages. Don't forget reading "Food and Drink" to book your Saturday gala dinner and "Overnight stay" for hotels. You can read more about conferences at: http://eee.aipcnet.eu/index_eng.html Carnivorous plants exhibition will astonish all you and all famous CP nurseries have already booked space for selling! We are also arranging a nice corner with special foods from Italy free for everybody. Italian AIPC members will bring spe
  5. Thank you very much Rogier! You and all friends from Europe will we very welcome. For any question, please, don't esitate to write us at info.EEE @ gmail.com Soon I'll send you link to conferences abstract and other info. See you soon, Rita
  6. Dear CP friends, most of you have already known Italian CP society (AIPC) is setting up next EEE: we have started working about it some months ago! We will offer very interesting CP conferences, CP selling space, CP exhibition, some nice activities for CP enthusiast like CP auction, CP photo competition and very well known italian friendship and hospitality. Here first basic info about next EEE: 2008 EEE basic info Just few note about next EEE: - EEE 2008 will take place on 19th, 20th, 21st September 2008 in Mira in the ancient Villa Widmann - 25 km from Venice. Google maps link at: Map
  7. >Looks like a winner to me! Infact he won the first prize at italian meeting competition :) Congratulation Maurizio Rita
  8. Mine too. Very small :) bye, Rita
  9. hello Danny, my copy of d'Amato is paperback edition. I have never heard of a hardcover edition. bye bye, Rita
  10. Hi all, here is my personal CP book list: Adrian Slack - Carnivorous Plants Adrian Slack - Insect-Eating Plants and How to Grow Them Alessandra Perugi - Rugiada del Sole Allen Lowrie - Carnivorous Plants of Australia vol. 3 Allen Lowrie - Carnivorous Plants of Australia vol. 2 Allen Lowrie - Carnivorous Plants of Australia vol. 1 B. von Arx, J. Schlauer - CITES Carnivorous Plant Checklist Bruce Salmon - Carnivorous Plants of New Zealand Bruno Foggi - Le Piante Carnivore Charles Clarke - A Guide to the Pitcher Plants of Sabah Charles Clarke - Carnivorous Plants of Sumatra
  11. Wonderful, Martin. Did you get seeds from your Heliamphora? Rita
  12. Hi all, I'm from the north-west of Italy. I live in a city called Torino (Turin). ciao :) Rita
  13. Thank you very much for your pictures, Vic. Here is a pic of the flower of my D. brevifolia (Hampstead, NC), unfortunately only 4 petals that day!!! And I have only one picture on this computer. I do agree, Vic. But I'm an hobbist and I like to know how my plants could be propagated and like to try :) bye bye, Rita (The picture was taken by Daniele)
  14. Hello Wolf, In north Italy we have cold winter, too. I tryed during summer and few weeks ago. I always kept leaf and root cutting in my terrarium where is always summer. I never try in a cup of water. Do you have a picture of your D. brevifolia? I have received lots of seeds of this specie but always grow a nice D. spatulata. Now I'm sure about my D. brevifolia: dimension, flower color and flower dimension are right, but i'd like to see a good picture. Thank you very much for your answer, Rita
  15. Thank you very much, Wolf. I will try in a cup of water and try again in spring. bye bye :) Rita
  16. Hi all, I try to duplicate my D. brevifolia by leaf cutting and root cutting. I never had success: i put its leaf and root into sphagnum and keep it in my terrarium. Does anybody have success? At the moment I have lots of seeds of Drosera brevifolia from Hampstead (North Carolina), if someone would like to coultivate this nice specie. bye bye, Rita
  17. Hello Seandew, could I grow U. reniformis in full sunny condition? Thank you and bye bye, Rita
  18. Home temperature is not the point. You will need more light at home during winter. I usually keep some temperate Drosera in my bedroom during winter. They survive, but they don't show beautiful color and don't flower. The same for other genus that cannot survive at freezing temperature. During winter the day light is too short. Maybe you could arrange with some artificial light or terrarium. bye bye, Rita
  19. Hello Caboman, all your species need winter dormancy. And those seeds need to stay for a while in cold and wet condition before germinate. It's very hard to grow them now and in your house. I suggest you to follow nature and wait next spring. You could keep two different way: - At the end of autumn set your 4 pots, put seeds on the surface and put your pots outdoor. During winter they will stay in cold condition and in spring you will see the first plantlets. During winter keep media sligthly wet. - Or you could imitate nature. At the begining of february you have to wrap seeds in 4
  20. > They germinated that well when they were > months old?! Thats pretty good;) I got seed on June 2003 and they germinated in February 2004. Seven months seed are old for you? Maybe for Utricularia seed? I really think they are fresh seed! Maybe am i wrong? Please, let me know your opinion about it. In any case, they germinated well :) I have few seeds from June 2003 and soon I'll try to pot it, i will let you know if this very old seed will germinate. Rita
  21. Hi Langy, good luck for your pots, I have the same trouble space in my terrarium! Let me know when you see the first plantlet. ciao, Rita
  22. Hi Langy, I got U. longifolia var. longifolia seed from my plant during 2003 summer. On february 2004 I set a 60% peat and 40% sand pot, sit it in a tray full of water and put seed on the surface. I didn't cover the seed. I live in the north of Italy and february is a very cold month, so I put the pot in my terrarium where temperature is between 23 and 25 °C and humidity is high. Seed germinated in 6 weeks. I have noticed a very good germination. At the moment the pot is still in terrarium and leafs are more or less 7-8 cm long, it's time to repot it and change compost. I'm sure seed can
  23. Hello, > I have had success in pollinating Heliamphora ionasii Could you explain how did you pollinate it? After how many day before flower open, etc.... Thank you :) > 8 seeds have germinated after 6-8 weeks. 8 on 13, right? You have got a good result. I had 3 on 10, but in only 2 weeks. I'll be happy to see other in the next day! Do you agree Heliamophora seeds must be very very fresh to germinate? I also take a picture of my Heliamphora heterodoxa seeds: Good luck Federico, let us know when you see plantlets. bye bye :) Rita
  24. ciao ScIaNtOsO, I have got Heliamphora heterodoxa seeds recently. I had 10 seeds, 3 germinated and 3 still alive. I have set a 50% perlite and 50% peat and put on top a thin layer chopped live sphagnum. And over the chopped sphagnum i put Heliamphora seeds. I didn't cover seeds. I keep the pot in a terrarium where temperature don't grow over 28°-30° C and humidity is more or less 80%. Photoperiod: 14 hours. Be carefull: live sphagnum grows faster then Heliamophora seedlings. You have to keep sphagnum under control and cut it frequently. I use sphagnum also in adult Heliamphora pot: whe
  25. Hi, they both do so themselves. Be carefull: Drosera aliciae is the right spelling. When the flower stalk will turn black you can cut it and collect seeds. bye bye, Rita