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  2. >we have a terrible post service expecially when importing and lots of boxes I don't agree, Luca, I'm sorry. None of my boxes has been lost, nor when I send nor when I'm the buyer. Repeat: only swap (most part seeds) I'd like to get :) Rita
  3. Hello TMS, I bought last week two Sarracenia from Suzy Jenner. They arrived yesterday in very good condition and very well packed in a box. She also send me the labels with plant name I use for my new two pots. Hope your plants arrive soon, please let us updated, and hope you will feedback positive. On the contrary, I change subject, I don't understand why I never got swapped plants or seeds. Do you knwo why? :) When I buy and pay for plants or seeds the italian post works very well. When I swap plants with no-italian growers the italian post doesn't work well and I got nothing...always the same excuse! :) And more strange: plants or seeds I sent for swap always arrive abroad!!! Because I'm always the first at post office when I swap something. Bahhh...very very strange :) Rita
  4. Thank you very much, Andreas. Corrected my mistake :) My Martynia claws are still there, some on the table and some in water. Any suggestion? Greetings :) Rita
  5. Thank you very much, Jim. More or less the same I do with ibicella or proboscidea, M. annua claw is a bit different and very hard, cannot open it. Here a pic: http://waynesword.pa...s2/unicor6b.jpg Rita p.s. sorry for mistake in the title of topic, cannot change it.
  6. Hi all, I have got some Martynia annua claws but I have some problem opening them and get seeds free: to hard! I put claw in water for days but it's seems impossible to open without damaging seeds. Any suggestion? Thanks, Rita
  7. Rita

    Help Drosera ID

    Thank you very much, Dieter. Now my ideas are more clear. I can say: I have two different forms of D. platystigma. What surprise me is: I've never caught them in full flower, nor at noon! I can't beleive it. My fantasy brought me to think about a strange cleistogama form :) Greetings, Rita
  8. Rita

    Help Drosera ID

    Dieter, thanks for your help. Few years ago I got few gemmes of D. platystigma. They developed in only 3 or 4 plants, so the year after I prepared a new pot and re-poted some gemme of my D. platystigma. Actually I have two pots of D. platystigma: the first one with the original very nice big and orange flower. The second pot with the "strange" no-evident-petals flower I asked your ID help. I labelled both of them "D. platystigma" and those days I've noticed the strange flower and think I could mis-labelled the secondo pot. Wait for your opinion... Thank you very much :) Rita
  9. Rita

    Help Drosera ID

    Here pics of plants and flowers again. I took them at 12 o'clock, the strange flowers never have visible petals. Rita
  10. Rita

    Help Drosera ID

    Thanks Jim. You meant like this: PICS I don't have pics of plants, will take it tomorrow. Rita
  11. Rita

    Help Drosera ID

    Hi all, could you help me ID this (pygmy) drosera? This is the flower: Thanks, Rita
  12. Hi all, thank you very much for such good words. We had very nice week end: all the 7 lectures were very very interesting, sellers offered lots of plants and some very rare, plant exhibition showed the best of italian growers collection and lunch and gala dinner were nice situation for lots of fun and good food. We have a lots of thanks: thank you to CP expert for the lectures, thank you to the sellers for beeing in Italy both for selling their plants but primaly for sharing time together and thank you to all the people from abroad who travelled to be in Italy. The biggest and more special thanks to all the people who made EEE 2008 possible: AIPC board members and all AIPC volunteers. All pictures show orange t-shirts: they are all the wonderful guys who have worked to set up the meeting and have worked hard during the days of EEE. Thank you all. Dennis: "I would just like to add my thanks to the ICPS for organising such a great event " ICPS? Thank you for a so gratefully mistake :) You were in Italy, my dear, with AIPC...the italian carnivorous plants society :) You english strange people :) also Stew McPherson continued having english time on his watch and arrived one hour late to a meeting point for dinner. Strange but so nice and friendly, hope to see you soon :) Well, EEE 2008 passed on and we are all looking for EEE 2009 where I do hope to meet again all CP fellows. See you soon :) Rita
  13. Hello, other news at: http://eee.aipcnet.eu/index_eng.html New pages for non-professional sellers: please read carefully becuase italian law is very restrictive. You can ask info at: info.EEE @ gmail.com Rita
  14. Here we are ready to welcome you all! Don't forget to book your friday and saturday evening meals at prenotazioni.aipc @ gmail.com Rita
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