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  1. Absolutely love this!
  2. Thanks everyone. It took along time to wash the muddy stuff of it but got it clean in the end. I incorporated it into the terrarium along with pumice gravel and perlite as I wanted a really free draining mix. The back of the terrarium is a drip wall so water constantly runs down the back over capillary mat and flows through the open media. I'm getting about 82% humidity without a lid. Still need to add the fans and misting unit but it's getting there.
  3. Hi I am setting up a naturalistic terrarium and want to incorporate some rock work to hide pots and the area at the base of the terrarium where I syphon out excess water. I bought 100% natural slate (the shale mulch type used in garden for decoration) and I am washing it very clean. I am finding its pretty mucky but it appears to be just powdery slate fines. It's washing off dark grey no signs of soil. Once clean will it be safe? Terrarium will be dominated with Heliamphora, a few highland Nepenthe, Australian and African sundew, Mexican Pings and Utricularia. Plus lots of moss.