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  1. Until last week, I had them on a sunny windowsill. I’ve now got them under LED grow lights. They seem to be improving slightly. Theyre growing in perlite/carnivorous compost mix.
  2. Hi, so last year I bought loads of different cultivars, such as mirror, and pom pom. However, these all seem at the moment to have reverted to standard green traps (even the red cultivars I had) Is it likely that they will return to bring mirror, pom pom etc traps or not? Thanks
  3. Sure, leave it with me, I'll take some and post them over the next couple of days.
  4. Thanks Dan, however, I was mainly meaning introducing live springtails into the jars so that they'd eat the dead leaves of my VFTs rather than for the VFTs to eat. However, I have now tried this and the springtails just died. I think the temps in the jars were getting too hot for the springtails due to the warm weather we've been having in the uk, but at least my VFTs are thriving!
  5. They are on a nice sunny window ledge. I have somewhere for dormancy too. The post was more should I put any small bugs like springtails in their jars to keep them healthier? I hear that springtails in particular eat any dead material but leave live plants alone. I may have exaggerated by saying terraria....more like glass jars.
  6. Hi, I'm relatively new to VFTs/carnivorous plants. I've quickly amassed quite a collection of VFTs. Anyway, I was wondering if there was any bugs you recommend keeping with VFTs in terraria to help keep them healthy. From what I've read so far, it seems it might be worthwhile getting some springtails to keep in my terraria with my VFTs? Is that right? Any other, readily available bugs?
  7. Hi, I'm interested in a few of these if there's any available
  8. It's probably bad to reply to my own post, but oh well! I got "galaxy" from Araflora today...that has got to be one of my favourites now too....I like how every trap is slightly different colours!
  9. I'm really keen to get a pompom/cheerleader vft....anyone any idea where I can get one? Araflora reckon they have them later this year but....I'm impatient!
  10. Hi, I'm new here, but I'm interested to find out which VFTs are favourites? So far, I particularly like (and have) wacky traps, double trouble, mirror, cupped trap and red piranha. I also like pom pom/cheerleader and am hoping to get one of these later in the year!