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  1. Bonny

    Sphagnum moss

    Our aim is most definitely to get the moss to the consumer in the best possible condition so we would definitely be looking to take the extra care and attention to harvest and sell it in polarized bundles rather than the moss which is sold by the bag load!!! Photos below are from a little harvest this afternoon approx. 1700g in weight and 22x17xm in size (densely packed). What sort of quantity would people be looking for and what sort of value would you put on such a bundle?? Stu as the 1st to respond to this post If you would like I am more than happy to send you this harvest!!!! We will indeed be making a grow-list of mosses. I'll post it on here as soon as we have completed it! 22x17cm 1705g
  2. Bonny

    Sphagnum moss

    We have had a mire specialist from the wildlife trust and the forestry commission out to see our land and no legal issues were highlighted. We own the wood in which the sphagnum is growing and no restrictions were put on the land upon purchase. The sphagnum would be legally and responsibly harvested in order to ensure sustainability. We have a few acres of the sphagnum in the 3rd picture so supply vs demand would all depend on how popular it is and it's re growth rate!
  3. Bonny

    Sphagnum moss

    Just a few images of some of the mosses we have growing at the minute....
  4. Hi, just new to the forum so wanted to say hello. Just wanted to use the forum to gauge the demand for live (dried) or freshly picked and moist sphagnum moss in the UK. The land we own was a former peat bog and as a result is the perfect environment to be growing sphagnum moss. The mire specialist from the wildlife trust was very impressed with the quality, quantity and species diversity that we currently have on his recent visit! Hence, we are currently considering harvesting some to sell. Anyone offer advise on possible demand and where would be the best places to advertise it through. Don't want to harvest of a large commercial scale just a very niche select plant and wildlife loving market that would appreciate it!!! Thanks