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  1. When I had an outbreak of greenfly a short while ago I just sprayed everything with Provado in situ. Didn't take anything out of the greenhouse. The Provado is in a hand held spray bottle and it only took a few minutes to blast everything. The greenfly disappeared and haven't returned. Guy
  2. Thanks Dave The plants are outside, so perhaps some helpful insect will have pollinated them. If so, then there may be some interesting crosses! I'll wait until Autumn and see if anything happens. Guy
  3. A couple of years ago I planted some CPs in a raised two tier thingy outside. Since getting a plastic greenhouse, then a proper glass one, the poor things have been ignored apart from watering. As you can see from the photo, though, they have produced loads of flowers this year. What's the best way to collect any seeds, please? Guy
  4. If it gets really hot and sunny where you are then it would be a good idea to use some greenhouse shading. There's lots available on the internet. My greenhouse has 3mm toughened glass. I think it looks better than polycarbonate. And if it breaks it goes into tiny bits, so isn't dangerous. Hope this helps. Guy
  5. Guy

    Drosera roots

    Thanks again. I'll move it into something larger later today. Guy
  6. Guy

    Drosera roots

    Thanks both. Perhaps a bigger pot would be a good idea! Guy
  7. Reverse osmosis water from aquatic shops is also OK for CPs. My local shop charges 14p/litre, take your own container. Only thing is, you have to be sure their RO equipment is properly maintained. I always check the Total Dissolved Solids using one of these. The water from my local shop reads about 15-20 ppm TDS. A friend bought some from his local shop and it read 485ppm!! Their RO equipment was clearly in need of some maintenance. Definitely not good enough, and you wonder what t was doing to the fish! Guy
  8. Guy

    When to sow....

    Some Pinguicula, Drosera and Utricularia seeds are on their way to me from the CPS. When should I sow them, please? Guy
  9. Thanks ada. I think I'll get rid of the current lot and get some more seeds. I'll sow the pings when I get them, and leave the rest until the end of December again. Must come up with some way of keeping slugs and snails off the seed trays, though. Guy
  10. Guy

    Drosera roots

    AAtached are a couple of photos of D.binata var multifida. As you can see, it's got huge thick roots. Is this good, bad or absolutely normal?! Thanks. Guy
  11. Did all that, except the trays dried out for an unknown period of time between December 30th and January28th--see OP. Perhaps they'd started to germinate then were killed by drying out. Although I'd have thought germinating during early January at low temperatures would be unlikely. I'll try again. Is the end of December the best time to sow the seeds for Drosera, Pinguicula and others? Thanks. Guy
  12. Thanks ada, but there's definitely nothing there! I spotted a snail/slug trail across one of the trays this morning, so the likelihood of predator damage seems high. How do you keep slugs and snails off seed trays? Guy
  13. Update--absolutely nothing showing in any of the trays. We're now 5 months on from sowing. I've found a few slugs and snails in the greenhouse, so it may be that the seeds started to come through and got eaten. Or they never came through at all. Should I give up with this lot, or is there still some hope? Guy
  14. Thanks both. I'll try using the cat litter but, as you've said, as part of the medium, not all of it. Guy
  15. Over the last year or so I have become interested in Bonsai. One of the highly recommended 'soils' for growing them in is molar clay, easily available as Sanicat cat litter. The little trees seem to be doing fine! Has anyone tried growing CPs in this? I'm particularly thinking of the Mexican Pinguicula, which Triffid nurseries recommend growing on crushed Tufa rock. Would molar clay be an OK alternative? It seems to be good for cacti and succulents! Guy
  16. According to the care info provided by Triffid nurseries, crushed Tufa rock is ideal for Mexican Pinguicula. Oddly, they don't sell it! Easily available from ebay etc. What's the view from Pinguicula experts here? Tufa, or other substrates? Thanks. Guy
  17. This is my first year with a greenhouse. I've never wanted one before, but getting interested in CPs prompted me to buy one. This morning it was very frosty down here in Dorset. The greenhouse dropped to 3°C. This is the lowest it can get, as there's a heater in the greenhouse which is set to come on at 3°C and go off at 5°C. It's been a beautiful day and the temperature in the greenhouse is now just under 28°C. This is with the two roof windows open, the floor vents open and the door open. This is a huge temperature variation over a very short period of time. It'll probably get cold again tonight. How well do CPs cope with this huge variation? Guy
  18. Ebay is more buyer than seller focussed, sadly. Offering a refund should be in your favour, I wish you the very best as you work through this. Guy
  19. From Mexico, it would seem. Where did you send the gemmae? Try Googling orchissss. Stuff appears. But perhaps it's a different orchissss. Good luck. Guy
  20. Thanks Richard I'll get an order in. Guy
  21. Advice, please, someone! Guy
  22. Hi Alexis Great set of photos. Looks like it was a lot of hard work, though! Bet you can't wait to get some staging in and start filling it with plants. Guy
  23. Thanks Rob. It sorted itself out! Guy
  24. Why can I only see the top bit of the pictures? All the rest is just a series of coloured or black and white horizontal zig zags! Guy