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  1. Lovely! How are you keeping it? Temperature, light etc. Guy
  2. Guy


    The pygmy sundews in the greenhouse are all forming tiny gemmae. And I mean tiny!! Can they be left to do their own thing, or will the gemmae need removing and planting? Thanks. Guy
  3. Guy

    Spots on Sarracenia

    Interesting thought. And you're right. The pitchers which had red tops had no Thrip damage on the red bits at all. Just the green bits. Hadn't thought about that until you pointed it out. Guy
  4. Guy

    Spots on Sarracenia

    Thanks Greg, you are absolutely right. Thrips. The link you gave shows exactly the same damage as on my plants. I went out to the dustbin where I'd put the leaves I'd cut off and very quickly found a couple of Thrips wandering about. Perhaps putting the leaves in a completely dark place encouraged them to come out. As soon as the light hit them they whizzed off and, to my eyes, just disappeared! The plants have been sprayed with Provado now. Hopefully that'll stop it getting any worse. Will I need to spray again? Interesting they don't attack other species and, clearly, no
  5. Guy

    Spots on Sarracenia

    In that case I'll also spray with Provado. I couldn't see any Thrips when I cut the leaves off, but a bug spray will give double protection. None of the other plants; VFTs, Drosera, Pinguicula, Cephalotus, or the S.purpurea, S, psitticina have been affected. Do Thrips usually affect these plants? Guy
  6. Guy

    Spots on Sarracenia

    Job done, but what a massacre! Loads of leaves to cut off and most of the Sarracenia are looking really sad. The S.purpurea showed absolutely no sign of the problem, but others; S.tygo, S.minor (1 pot only), S.purple haze and an unnamed pot have disappeared completely. I just hope whatever is below the surface is strong enough to grow back. Doubt it somehow. Some ferns had taken up residence in the pots, they were all affected as well. Plus there were several empty snail shells. Any of these bits of information suggest what the problem is? Guy
  7. Guy

    Spots on Sarracenia

    Finally got round to having a close look at the affected pitchers. There is no sign of Thrips and even the worst affected pitchers are still green on the inside. This is only affecting the Sarracenia, everything else is OK and now I've turned the fan back on, it's stopped spreading. Suggests to me it's a fungal infection. Would it be best to cut off all the infected pitchers , or should I leave things as they are now the infection has stopped spreading? Guy
  8. Guy

    Spots on Sarracenia

    Thanks for the replies. So, it might be thrips or a fungus. I'll cut off one of the affected leaves and have a good look for thrips. Guy
  9. Guy

    Spots on Sarracenia

    Thanks. The outside plants are not showing any signs of these black spots. Until about a month ago I had a fan going in the greenhouse 24 hours a day. When the weather warmed up I left the door open all the time, with the two roof windows opening and closing automatically. I thought that would give enough air circulation, but perhaps not. So I've turned the fan back on now. What should I do about the infected plants? Just leave them, or cut the pitchers off. Hopefully I won't have to throw them all away, there's quite a lot there! Guy
  10. My Sarracenia are all developing black spots. They've got considerably worse in the last week or so. Looking through here it seems thrips are most usually suggested as the reason. If so, then I'm happy to spray with Provado. But what else could it be, please? Thanks. Guy
  11. Guy

    Deep VFTs

    Decided to repot all the VFTs. Goodness me--there's now dozens of them in pots! Hadn't realised they'd produced so many offspring. Seemed a shame to throw all the little ones away. What do most people do with these babies? Guy
  12. Guy

    Deep VFTs

    Thanks. There are about 10 of my VFTs which have become covered by moss over winter. The rest are OK. I'll get those 10 repotted and hopefully all will be well with them. Guy
  13. Guy

    Deep VFTs

    Over winter the moss on lots of the VFTs has grown really well! This means the VFTs are now a couple of centimetres below the surface. They are all waking up and beginning to put new traps out. Should I repot them so they are nearer the surface, or will they be OK? Thanks. Guy
  14. Thanks for all the help and advice. My heater must be a really old model, even though it was only bought last year. The thermostat controls both the fan and the heating elements. So, no continuous operation for the fan. However, a bit of fiddling with the wires in the unit and the fan now runs continuously, plugged into a separate supply, and the heating elements are still controlled by the Inkbird. The fan seems fairly weak, but I'm hoping some small air movement is better than none. Guy