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  1. I eventually received my package about 17 days ago which was a month after I first applied. Was Ezza's an online application? If there are still ongoing problems with the online service maybe there should be a note on the CPS website stating that until further notice all applications must be by post!! Regardless of any problems I would have thought that a simple acknowledgement of the members initial application would have been sent if the pack cannot be shipped immediately. Further, although manned by volunteers I would have expected a better service from the CPS on this contin
  2. Just received an email from Linda (thanks Richard) stating that she had received my application but there are problems with the database at present. My members pack is on the way.
  3. I assume from your post that you have received notice of your payment from PayPal but nothing from CPS? I sent an email to the treasurer plus 2 emails through the contact page; but all to no avail. Overall it does not give a very good impression of the organisation of the Society to new members and makes me very wary of purchasing products from the main site. Thankfully this Forum seems more on the ball. Alan
  4. I thought I had joined the CPSociety online by Paypal nearly 3 weeks ago ( Paypal acknowledged my payment). But I have heard nothing back from the CPS themselves despite 2 contact emails and one to the Treasurer. Can anyone therefore confirm that the CPS exists as such!!! PS there is nothing in my Junk/Spam Folders