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  1. I think Peterborough must have had more rain in the last week or two than in the previous 18 months. The ground is saturated, the pond is full and so are all 10 water butts. My new 12 foot greenhouse extension is going to increase my use, once I fill it with plants at least. So far I've plumbed in two new butts, but I might add a few more given the forecasts. Hopefully I should last a good few weeks on current supplies. Now it would of course be nice to have some sun and everything will grow away like crazy! The chickens would be a little less muddy too..
  2. I'm hoping to make it Mike, work permitting. I'm missed the last two years thanks to rota clashes!
  3. I agree completey! The needs of mothing and CPs are contradictory I have 10 large water butts which were all full until a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, we are in the middle of a bathroom extension which means I've had to drain the 5 on the house - all were getting full of mortar and cement powder and I was worried about the effects on pH. This means not only have I lost 1/2 my water stores, but I also can't refil them until the builders are finished. 3 of the other 5 butts are full, but collect more slowly as they are attached to the greenhouse. On the other hand, rain does interfere with the 'normal' gardening so you can't win.
  4. Hmmm, this is all new information to me. I didn't know the plant had been featured in Stewart's book or that a name had been chosen to honour the herbarium botanist. It isn't every day you discover a new species of Nepenthes and more communication would have been nice
  5. For those interested, this is indeed a new taxon and has been described as such following further work in Sulawesi. I'm trying to get a copy of the paper in the meantime.
  6. Great plants Howard - I love your S.catesbaei x rubra ssp. gulfensis and S.( alata Red lid x flava ) x leucophylla. Both are very good looking plants.
  7. Beautiful flowers. I've had 3 species Hedychium for a few years and yet to get any flowers. They are starting to reach a reasonable size now, so here's hoping for 2008...
  8. Very nice John - your pictures illustrate nicely the variation in this species.
  9. alata red x flava red-tube is always a good performer at this time of year. Great plants as always!
  10. Your Judith is looking immaculate Stephen - mine is looking rather sooty with the weather we've been having.
  11. The hamata x truncata is a real beauty. Very dramatic.
  12. Great pictures Graham - I think the seedlings might be biting off more than they can chew if they are anticipating a meal though.
  13. Here in the UK, rotundifolia, binata, x hybrida and intermedia all live outdoors year-round in my barrel bog. Winter minimum temps have been relatively mild in recent years, but have still probably reached -7/8 at least.
  14. Is it ? Doesn't look very special to me ?? It's a vigorous colourful clone.
  15. ....and it's a nice plant too! :-)
  16. Great pics - I've yet to see Twayblade. Grey Partridge is as thin on the ground as most native orchids in much of the UK now, thanks to modern agriculture.
  17. Many Epimedium species can be very invasive, at least locally. They spread rapidly and, precisely because the runners are brittle, can be difficult to remove without fragmenting and propagating the plants. In a place like Madeira, I guess its not a welcome addition to the 'wild' flora.
  18. Great photos and some very nice clones.
  19. I can only add my positive experiences - you will get great plants and superb service.
  20. yes, it is Jonathan! and it is a long lasting bloom also! giu In that case, a double achievement. Congratulations!
  21. Superb Giu. Is this the first time you've flowered it?
  22. Fantastic pictures - I love the habitat photos especially which put the plants in context. The cathedral is very latin! :-)
  23. Guess what ...and I'm afraid, I'm in the pro-perlite league! disclaimer - not for a bog garden though...