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  1. I bought two hosepipe to 1/4" pipe connectors on Amazon for £6,They work perfectly,And one of the RO units I got was also from Amazon £18 with Membrane filter,replacement filters £6 on Ebay, a cheap water solution.
  2. Typical booted up the RO and now heavy rain,well prepared for next dry spell though.
  3. Poured with rain here in Devon yesterday filled both butts to brim,just as well as the RO unit I bought from a company on Ebay came with no instructions,big thanks to "Stu" for advice on pipe colours,now just have to source the filters before butts run dry again.
  4. Just bought a second water butt and now am going to Halfords to buy 50 litres of Deionised water to get me through until sunday when rain is forecast.
  5. Hi Les, Did you try this? how did it go? I am considering doing this with the 2 trays of stubborn seeds that I have stratified but wont germinate. Regards Eric.
  6. I put them out in November,covered with a weighted down glass sheet,so far have 5 seedlings.
  7. Hi, I'm intending to sow some mixed Sarracenia seeds in my bog garden and was wondering which month to sow them for natural overwinter stratification?, I dont want to risk them rotting but don't want to plant too late and miss the boat!, (I hope that makes sense) Regards Ezza.
  8. Website looks very good,just ordered some Sarracenia at very good price.
  9. Ezza

    Red Sarracenia

    Hi, I would like to add some red Sarracenia's to my Bog Garden,Which are the brightest?.
  10. Ezza

    Too wet?

    Hello, with the massive downpour last night my Bog Garden is really really wet,how wet should the plants roots be?,will their roots rot or is it as Nature intended?.