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  1. I’m so happy my nepenthes has finally started producing proper pitchers. They look fairly decent now if a little small. https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/3m07Kg My issue is that some of the pitchers seem to be going brown and have these spots on them. See the pictures. So I wondered 2 things: 1: how do I tell what kind of nepenthes I have? It was so long ago when I bought this plant I didn’t keep the label. Would I have to wait for the pitchers to get more developed or something else? 2: Is this browning and dying of the pitchers normal. I have them under this makeshift “terrarium”, as I read that humidity is important in these plants in a south facing window. Does this seem right? I water them with tap water, again I read that with these plants tap water is okay. Any help would be great. I am fairly new to CPs and hope that I can keep this Nepenthes healthy. Thank you all. (PS, I have no idea if I am doing this image upload thing right, if there is a better way please let me know)
  2. Here is the second image with the venus fly trap. It says images are restricted to 0.22 MB or 0.5 for the total amount in the original. Am I being stupid but how do you guys upload multiple images at once? Thanks, DarkHorse
  3. Hello Carnivorous plant growers, I am still new to this so I hope this is the right section and all that. I ordered a Droseria capensis about 6 months ago and so far it has been doing brilliantly. Not only has it grown well but both small plants flowered successfully. Now I appear to have tonnes of the little plants around my main two. My main questions are can I take the small ones out and pot them separately? If I do this what growing medium should I use (I have long fibber shredded sphagnum moss and perlite in my garage so far) the stuff that the plant is growing in at the moment I cant really tell what it is, some kind of living moss?. Any other tips as well would be appreciated. The second is that as you can see from the pic below the little D.capensis plants seem to have spread to my venus flytrap (which has also been growing very well), however, I am worried will the D.capensis "take the nutrients" (or eventually cause harm from being in the same pot, there are many of them now) from the venus flytrap? Would it be best to take them out and re-pot them (assuming this is a good idea according to the above question)? Sorry if this is an odd question.
  4. Thank you for your advice. I only changed the potting medium around 2 weeks ago. I do remember hearing that they are very sensitive to change. But I just wanted to make sure I was making the right changes. I will make sure it isn't standing in water for sure. They have been in the sun for a while now though they have been on the South facing window for around a month. It was a very long time ago when they had pitchers haha. Hopefully it will pitcher again someday and I can take some pictures to identify it.
  5. Hello CPUK, This is the first post I have put up on here so I hope I am in the right section and I am doing this right (please let me know if I should move this somewhere). I have no idea what the type is as it never came with a label. We have had it for a while now, maybe around 3 years. My issue is that it doesn't seem to be pitchering at all despite the leaves looking quite healthy (of what I can see the top ones are dark green and shiny, the bottom ones look more dry and have fallen off over time). I grew it up a stick (IE tied it against a cane) for a while before I realised how they are supposed to look and I am wondering if it is too tall now? I repotted it in sphagnum moss and perlite recently because I was not sure of the potting medium it was in. Also, it is now kept on a south facing windowsill which gets a lot of light through it and is quite warm (it is about 20 cm above a radiator). I water it every day with rainwater to keep the medium moist. Not sure of the humidity levels, I suppose it is quite dry in the room it is kept in and I dont know if that might be a factor, how would I keep it humid without it being in a terrarium? I appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks, DarkHorse