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  2. Hi everyone! I'm a little confused so thought I'd ask a quick question. I have just bought a plant labeled "Dentate" from Triffid Nurseries and wanted to add it to my growlist using the correct etiquette. On the Registered Cultivar page of the ICPS, three similar sounding plants are listed: Dionea 'Dentate Traps' Dionea 'Dentate' Dionea 'Dente' However, on the Fly Trap Care page for Dentate Traps it states: Since 1997, 'Dentate Traps' has been widely available because of propagation through tissue culture. 'Dentate Traps' venus fly traps have also been called "shark's tooth," "bear trap," "California dentate," "dentata," "dentate,"or "dente." So here is my (probably stupid) question. Is the correct name for any of the plants listed above, Dionea 'Dentate Traps'? Thanks, Rob
  3. Hi everyone, I was just on Yahoo, and saw this. Hope it's not been posted already! It is a picture of VFT pollen underneath a scanning electron microscope. Link here. Broccoli anyone?
  4. Thanks everyone for your responses, especially Amar. 1) I was copying examples from Mike King's grow list, so that is why Jaws is not in single quotes. 2) I understand that the official list of registered cultivars is at: http://www.carnivorousplants.org/cultivars...hp?name=Dionaea There is also a list of unregistered cultivars at: http://www.flytrapcare.com/unregistered-cultivar-list.html This may be a stupid question but I guess I could put all registered cultivars and unregistered cultivars under those headings, but is there such a thing as a non-cultivar VFT. Could you give an example of a non-cultivated variety? 3) Would any plant of unknown origins (e.g. Garden Centres) be classed as Dionaea muscipula typical? 4) My growlist link should now be working. 5) Would it look silly to label unregistered cultivars as follows: Dionaea muscipula Heterodoxa Thanks, Rob
  5. Hi everyone! I was just updating my growlist (see below!), and I had a couple of questions about grow list and plant name etiquette. Firstly, does the use of apostrophies or speech marks in a name have any significance? For example on Mike King's grow list I noticed some with apostrophies, some with speech marks, and some with nothing. For example: Dionaea muscipula 'Royal Red' "Fine Tooth" Jaws My second question was regarding capitalisation. Are there any rules about this or is it just a case of personal preference? Is it normally a capital letter for the plant species (e.g. Sarracenia) and then small for everything after that, unless it is a specific name. I am so confused, and a little bit too bothered about these sort of things. Any comments would be appreciated. Feel free to correct any spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors on this post too! Thanks, Rob
  6. I'm from Brighton which is about 50 miles south of London. Brighton is famous for having two piers, the Royal Pavillion, homosexuals and the National budlia collection (woo)! My motto is: There is nothing more dreary than a British sea side resort in the middle of winter!
  7. I've just returned from the marshes with my shovel and a brand new Sarracenia 'Stevensii'. JOKE! I bought it from my local garden center, please don't ban me! It seems in a fairly bad state, with about 50% of the funnels brown at the the top, and a few completely dead. Should I prune the plant? If so, should I get rid of the complete leaf, of just the dead bits? There also seems to be two smaller plants growing in the same pot. Can I seperate these out, and if so, how? And finally... If you had to give only one reason why you like CPs, what would it be?