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  1. Stefan

    Photo from greenhouse_1

    Nice plants Andrej! Especially love the copelandii and burbidgeae. Do you know their origins? Most of what I have seen do have that reddish touch. Maybe resulting on the red colored nepenthes nearby(?) Do you use an evaporation wall?
  2. Stefan

    Sphagnum propagation/regeneration experiment

    Definitly the fastest method to multiply Sphagnum in a very easy way. Didnt believed it until I tried it this year too ;) Keep in mind different sphagnum species thrive in different sun level
  3. Stefan

    Nepenthes rajah seed germination

    Zero posts and buying stuff you dont know how to handle or where its coming from? Can't even use the search option in this forum...
  4. Stefan

    Nepenthes in live moss, but not sphagnum?

    These moss polster are very thick (sometimes half a meter) and a lot of times there is no real ground underneath, except treeroots. But these mosses soak up a lot of water. The mosses of the first two pictures you showed dont soak up a lot of water.
  5. Stefan

    Nepenthes in live moss, but not sphagnum?

    On Borneo I saw no Nepenthes in sphagnum actually. I dont think it works that well with polytrichum (if that is what you mean). But they are growing in a lot of different mosses that draw a lot of water. Sadly I dont know which type they are, maybe someone knows better: All pictures are taken from gunung Mulu at ~1500masl to top.
  6. Stefan

    Nepenthes leaf decay

    I think 20°C is just not gonna do it for bicalcarata especially, the plant looks aweful. In habitat its roughly 25-40°C. Probably a lot of factors like: light, humidity and temperature. I would not repot it now, thats addictional stress that would kill the plant in such a state. Really wondering how it went ok for so long?
  7. Stefan

    Shade Tolerant Nepenthes?

    Just like ampullaria, bicalcarata is endemic to swamp forests of Borneo(Sarawak and Brunei) where its pretty shady. That doesnt mean you wont find a plant growing in the sun, but its unlikely. Sumatrana loves warm and shady places!
  8. Stefan

    Krzysio's Nepenthes

    Great pics, I really love the stem covered in moss and nepenthes ;) The first pictures of your last post looks like muluensis to me. ("Nepenthes sp. gunung murud")
  9. Stefan

    Some great Nepenthes on Borneo

    I was on the trip with Matze. Borneo is just amazing, hope it will be in the future too! Logging and palmoil is a big thread, not only on Borneo. Everyone can contribute to make a chance by watching what food you buy or support local aid agencies. Pics are small because of the upload size and mostly with my hand to have a imagination of their size too. If you are interested in a fotobook let Matze know. hahaha the big bug was the best
  10. Stefan

    Spectabilis "ugly duckling" pollen available

    I know its been quite a while now, but did it worked out with veitchii or some other cross? Really interested in seedlings :)