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  1. Hi, my female (atleast thats what I assume, might be wrong) N. tenuis is flowering (individual flowers not yet open) and i was curious if anyone got a male Nepenthes flowering and would like to donate some pollen. I would ofc share the seeds 50/50 (if i get any). I would be particularly interested in lowland species as I would like to get a N. tenuis hybrid tolerant to high temperatures. Cheers, Anton
  2. There is always a chance, especially with Queensland drosera. I got some cuttings from my D. x Andromeda. They are only about a cm small, but if you want, you can have one. Cheers, Anton
  3. I am growing both species. I keep all my Queensland drosera in a plastic mini terrarium in the darker areas of the windowsill (the window is facing eastwards). The humidity is always around 80-100%. Temperatures normally below 30°C. A drop of the temperature during the night into the low 20s seems to be appreciated. My D. prolifera is currently struggling and looking quit bad. It didnt cope well with the recent heat wave we had in England. D. x andromeda looks very healthy and seems to be doing alright despite the high-ish temperatures. I also acquired a D. schizandra re