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  1. Hi Leo Yes i have had a lot of the same little green beasties and have had a few pitchers nibbled off,most annoying one was my first upper on my veitchii x boschiana. Never used any chemicals yes am still at the look and pick stage best time i have found is late at night or when i have just came in from working nights.they get dealt with by bing bashed then fed to the offending plant,justice i would say ;-) Bye for now Julian
  2. Wow After reading the hybrid theory had a good check of my platy and i am pretty sure its the real deal" thank god" mind you the uppers look really nice on the hybid more colour than the pure platy. Bye for now Julian
  3. Wow never seen a ping seed pod before ;-0 Bye for now julian
  4. chesara


    Hi All Well this has been a really good growing year so i have nearly 30 spare konjac tubers is anyone is interested various sizes of course. Just weighed my biggest one and it come is at just under a kilo,its put on loads of size this year,i fed it with lots of miracle grow which it seems to go mad for,very hungary plant for anything really. Let me know if you want a couple for the price of a SAE,dont think postal service will kill it??? hmmm we will see Bye for now julian
  5. very nice,a little bit ahead of mine :-( bye for now julian
  6. very nice you neps look very well ;-) bye for now Julian
  7. Yes very nice set up,great large side windows, like it ,would look better with neps in though LOL Bye for now Julian
  8. Yes there very nice,much better looking than the green form. Bye for now Julian
  9. Wow you dont see that everyday intermediate/upper on an amp very nice :-) Bye for now Julian
  10. Cool photos Amazes me what poor soil neps in the wild grow in,what sort of temps are they growing in?? lowland yes?? Bye for now Julian
  11. Wow Some great photos there,looks like it was a good trip for sure ;-) spider amazing colours not to sure about getting close though. Bye for now Julian
  12. Looks far to wet to me, i grow mine in LFS which i tend to let dry a bit more ,seems to like it though as its flowering now. Bye for now Julian
  13. Hi I wouldnt worry about it,as the others have said just let it be,winter has a funny effect on some neps,a few of mine sulk and do nothing but when spring arrives they go mad and with a hybrid like that it should be pretty tough. Bye for now julian :-)
  14. Wow That is really nice,love the peristome. Bye for now Julian
  15. Hi Neil Nice looking plant,gotta be a form of maxima x talangensis.look at all that lovely sunshine,raining here ;-( Bye for now Julian
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