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  1. I used couple of times and had no problems. Always got what I ordered and ontime.
  2. I was thinking if its possible to make a terrarium out of Finnfoam. Finnfoam is and insulation that they use for houses. it wont absorb water or moisture, no roots can grow on it. When people build houses they leave these out without any shelter since weather has no affect on it. Top and bottom would be glass ofcourse and doors. And this material is strong and really easy to work on. Link to webpage I would like to make nepenthes terrarium with moss walls from this material. And mainly because glass is kinda expensive around here. This is just an idea I got today and I was hoping that someone can tell me why this cant work or why it needs glass walls or something.
  3. I would love to have a greenhouse but it can get to -30C in winter so I really cant afford to heat it
  4. Hi I am really new to all of this CP growing stuff, just got my first CP a month ago that my dad bought me from local supermarket (Sarracenia ofc). And now 1 month later I got small terrarium almost full of plants. I totally fell in love to Cephalotus and allready got some seeds and leaf cuttings going on. Been browsing internet so many hours that my wife is starting to get worry that I lost my mind, since she says that its not healthy to get so into "some stupid flowers" Gotta see what the future brings.