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  1. Hello, I have a problem with several of my dionaeas, lately they have taken a strange aspect and reduced their growth. I think it's probably due to recent storms in my locality or high humidity. Anyway, not all plants suffer from this problem but I have noticed that lately there are more plants that have this problem. including a Sarracenia. Some photos of the plants. It is important to mention that I keep the substrate moist, never wet. except for the days that the plants are affected by the rains. In the last photograph you can see the most affected plants after being pruned. Hope you can help me. Greetings from Mexico!
  2. Hello, I'll post what happened with my Cephalotus for those who have the same doubts that I had. At the end I let my plant bloom. The flower started to grow in February 2017. Then in May 2017 the flower looked like this: I daily self-pollinated the plant. In July 2017 I got 13 seeds and planted them newly collected. During August 2017 the main plant was very weak and without signs of growth, after this the main plant died superficially because it developed another three points of growth from the same rhizome. Actually in February 2018 the plant look like this: And what happened with the seeds? Actually 3 of 13 have germinated well after aproximately 7 months. Fortunately the plant survived and some seeds germinated successfully despite being a self pollination. Next time I'll try cross pollination with another cephalotus that I bought. Hope you like the post!
  3. Hello everybody! it's great to be part of this forum, it's my first post about a doubt with my Cephalotus. I received a young cephalotus one week ago, the plant adapted quickly to the conditions I gave it, also I repotted it because the small size of the original pot, but the plant looks fine!. Now my question is: Should I cut this flower stalk? I think that this plant is very young to flower, and It is my unique Cephalotus, pollination is not an option for me. I don't know if a flower stalk in cephalotus causes the same effects than a flower in a Dionaea, or how can the plant react if I cut the flower stalk. What would you advise me? Have you had experiences with cephalotus bloom? Thanks for your attention! greetings from Mexico. Some Pictures: