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  1. This why its my fav carnivor plant.. the amount of insects it can catch in a day is amazing ..which is probably associated with this strong scent it has
  2. i would leave it as it is .. only problem is you see the tips turning brown.. thats because theres not enough light in that area..so id put it outside to get the full natural lightings
  3. thats right.. dont have to repot at all.. i only repot if roots come out of bottom of pots if anything..and remember only rainwater/deionized/distille/reverse osmosis water and if your lucky living in a soft water area ...dam you all :D
  4. How much did you pay for your core.. if you have a poundland nearby .you can get 100 litres or £10 .. expanded 10 ltrs for a quid cant go wrong with that
  5. why not try your local or neareres poundland..if you wanna try coco core fibre you can get some for 1 pound which expands to 10 litres..ive done a tds test my self..mix sum up with my dehumifer water and come to around 50ppm which is well below the 100 recommended really cant go wrong with a few packets

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