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  1. Last year, I did not divide and repott my temperate plants until late March.
  2. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share some pics of my P. elongata, and ask if anyone else has attempted it within recent years. This one is the one survivor of the three I received from BCP in November of 2016. So far it has been doing really well, although I now see one dead leaf tip on a elongated leaf. I think I'll save up to try and put together a chest-freezer type environment for it. Currently it just lives in my highland terrarium, although I saw significant improvements in growth once I upped the airflow in the terrarium a little (due to excess condensation from all the evaporation upon swapping T8s with T5HOs). I don't have a way to compress the images currently, so I hope an imgur link is ok:
  3. Did you make sure to give them a good stratification period? I don't have experience with alpina myself, but I'd imagine that you'd want to stratify them for at least 8 weeks, though they are probably under snow for even longer in nature.
  4. Hey all, you may recognize me from other forums under the same mispelled screen name Hmm, as far as introductions go, I'll just state my name and interests. As you may have concluded from my username, my real name is Ben. I have a great interest in temperate Pinguicula as well as the South American species. On other forums, there is little discussion on these Pinguicula, which is no fun, so I hope to find some people with similar interests here, or perhaps inspire some consideration on the pings in others. Happy to be part of the comminity! I'll include a pic of a flower that recently opened on one of me P. megaspilaea to hopefully warm up faster to you other Ping growers :) http://i.imgur.com/YiDHdUy.jpg
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