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  1. bwdoz

    Website very slow

    I've tried using Chrome 46.0.2490.71m, Firefox 41.0.2, plus Safari on iOS - can't connect with any except through the phone.
  2. bwdoz

    Website very slow

    I've not been able to access the site at all using either my PC or iPad for several days now, I've managed to connect a couple of times via 3G on my phone but that's it. Weird thing is that even the phone won't connect if I try and run it through wifi. Bizarre...
  3. I needed to get down that slip road on Thursday, was cursing them for closing the road as I couldn't see an accident or anything. Really didn't expect to see news like that when I got home.
  4. bwdoz


    And me :x One of my favourite events of the year too.
  5. bwdoz

    She falls for it every time...!

    That's spectacular Ben, I didn't even know it existed! Should you find yourself with a surplus of young plants/seed at any time...
  6. bwdoz

    P filifolia propagation

    I can vouch for it not liking lower temperatures, I managed to kill mine last winter. The temp dropped to about 15C overnight a few times and it didn't like it one bit. It is a beautiful species though, always seemed to be in flower.
  7. bwdoz

    An alien in the lawn?

    Absolutely - one or 'tother of us has lived in that house for over 30 years (although I moved out twenty years ago) and this is the first time we've ever seen it, or anything like it! It quite out of the way and gets mowed when someone remembers, the rest of the time it just fends for itself. It's had us all very excited!
  8. bwdoz

    An alien in the lawn?

    You beat me to it gui, I was just editing that into my post - and yes, it is stunning! Cheers,
  9. bwdoz

    An alien in the lawn?

    Well, time to drag up this old thread - we have flowers! Could one of yuz native orchid experts tell me what it is? I'm imagining perhaps Ophrys of some sort? Thanks!
  10. bwdoz

    She falls for it every time...!

    I think it has several, but "Dragon Arum" springs to mind.
  11. bwdoz

    She falls for it every time...!

    Is that to keep unsolicited callers away?
  12. bwdoz

    She falls for it every time...!

    You remembered - why am I not surprised?! Cheers,
  13. bwdoz

    She falls for it every time...!

    Dracunculus vulgaris and gullible small daughter... I did warn her, really I did!
  14. bwdoz

    Westland Horticultural Sand

    If your few tiny bubbles appeared and stopped almost immediately they were possibly just air escaping from between the sand grains. If however the bubbles were more sustained it might indicate the presence of lime. Cheers,