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  1. Yada Rada

    my plants

  2. Yada Rada


    yes it is a very big and beautiful plant, I would like to buy too
  3. Yada Rada

    Cephalotus vertical growing

    very beautiful color plant! congratulations!
  4. Yada Rada

    My Darlingtonia Californica

    I am delighted! you also have the beautiful Darlingtonia
  5. Yada Rada

    My 2016 images

    Thank you the beauty of your plants can not be compared with the beauty of my name. Your plants are beautiful!
  6. very beautiful pictures and very beautiful plants! Congratulations
  7. Yada Rada

    My heliamphoras

    Krzysio, very beautiful massif ! congratulations!
  8. Yada Rada

    My heliamphoras

    very beautiful photos! I also took photos of my plants, and I will share with you
  9. Yada Rada

    Pinguicula laueana dormancy?

    my plant also falls asleep
  10. Yada Rada

    Cold November?

    approaching cold days, I have to protect my plants too
  11. Yada Rada

    My 2016 images

    Very beautiful greenhouse and very beautiful plants! I dream to have the same greenhouse!