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  1. Great. That's what I'd hoped, just wanted a second opinion. Thanks
  2. So, the short version: After repotting, my Nepenthes x Ventrata is growing well but has stopped producing pitchers. Any advice on how to encourage it to start again? The somewhat longer version; aka “the little Nep that could”: I have a Nepenthes X Ventrata (if you trust garden centre labels), which has been with me for 10+ years, and the history of which would probably keep other plants awake at night screaming. Initially bought when I was a student and had a room in which it did very well, it has now suffered through a succession of moves and temporary places where it has been subj
  3. Inspired by some of the other posts on this forum, I’d like to put together a small bog garden to grow… well as wide a variety of plants as will survive outside in the UK as possible. I suspect the right time to do this is spring time after any risk of frost has passed, but I’ll be planning and collecting materials over winter. I don’t have a suitable site in my garden for anything substantial, so I’m thinking of a mini-bog in a half barrel planter type thing, as seen in a few other threads. I also won’t be able to move it anywhere for the winter, so it will need to over winter in place,
  4. Hello all! New member to the forum from the Hertfordshire area of the UK. I've finally decided I should get back into growing carnivorous plants as a serious hobby. I was previously very involved in this whilst at uni, and had quite a collection. Unfortunately the collection suffered during post-grad moving around, and I'm now down to only three survivors. I'm hoping to revitalise things somewhat, now that I should be staying in one spot for the foreseeable future.