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  1. Thanks for the suggestion danl82. Certainly looks like they have a number of the species I'm after!
  2. Thanks Gaz! Mesa Garden has a great seed list particularly of Agave and Aloe. I'm hoping I don't get into collecting succulents as a carnivorous plant addiction is expensive enough! I'm just after half a dozen species to play around with to look at hardiness. Cheers, Dave
  3. Anyone know a good supplier of cacti and succulent seeds? I'm particularly interested in hardy/half-hardy Agave and Aloes. Thanks, Dave
  4. As I mentioned when I joined the forum I'd been out of growing carnivorous plants since 2002ish. Even then I was away from home so hadn't been serious growing them since the mid 1990s. Anyway one of my favourite suppliers was Doug and Viv Rowland's Southwest seeds. They were pretty cheap and had an extensive list, mostly cacti and succulents, but always some interesting carnivorous plant and miscellaneous exotics. I believe they closed about 10 years ago and was wondering if anyone knows of a seed company that would rival Southwest seeds? Cheers, Dave
  5. Thanks for spotting this at least I know what it is that I was duped into buying!
  6. Well, it was muggins here that bought the Adrian Slack. I'd only got back into CPs 4-5 months earlier having given my collection away to a botanic garden 15-20 years ago. So I bought it as it had Nigel provenance, supposedly, and thought it could have been hacked around a bit. I was hoping the plant would come back into form but it hasn't. Still the same mutt! emailed the guy twice complaining, no response, said I would check with Nigel, no response. Only when I said it wasn't the plant and that I'd consider talking to people on this forum about it at a got a rather unpleasant reply about me and also comes already in the forum. Hopefully I won't be doing that again!
  7. I've got back into CPs after leaving the hobby 15-20 years ago and can't believe the price some plants are going for, I had a great collection built up on pocket money and don't remember such prices! I've heard of Sarracenias in the US going for $700-$1000!?
  8. As an update, I bought a Brother P-Touch PT-P700 label printer in January from www.conrad-electronic.co.uk and it's been fantastic! Easy to import the information from my excel plant list. Using it with the Brother TZ-231/TZe-231 - 12mm Black on White Laminated Tape P Touch Tape.
  9. Hi Stu, thanks for the post. Funnily enough a couple of weekends ago I spoke with Colin and will probably be getting 1,000 liters from him in the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately he can't deliver. I did look into getting an RO system but I have a problem getting rid of the waste water as I don't have access to an outside drain or storage capacity, also I'm planning a Protea/Banksia bed so can't even use it on the garden. Also none of the companies I contacted for advice about buying an RO system ever replied! However I'm glad at least I have a back up source. And with it being a bank holiday hopefully it will chuck it down! Would be good to come over and see you system and collection though! Dave
  10. Thanks MikiandHenry, this has been really useful particularly the video! I think I'll buy an RO system as it normally take about 30-35 ltrs a time to water my plants which can be 2-3 times during the summer so I think buying it from an aquatic shop could get expensive! By the way great wall to the garden, I'm currently planting a South African/Australian bed along mine. Dave
  11. Hi, well it's April and down in Kent we haven't had much rain. I've got a 900 ltr water capacity (greenhouse is 12x8ft, mostly Sarracenias), but I'm now down to 300-350 ltr and there is still no sight of rain in the weather forecasts! I'm therefore thinking of some sort of reverse osmosis system. Any advice on what to go for? Or any other options? Cheers, Dave
  12. Thanks for the post and the illustration. That's just what I'm after!
  13. Hi Stu, I'll definitely be looking into a plug in type as some of the hybrid crosses I have seed for are pretty complicated so the labels could end up pretty long!
  14. Thanks Carnivine, nice website!
  15. That sounds dangerous living round the corner from another CP collector!
  16. Thanks Alexis, now that looks good! I was thinking I may get RSI with the handheld with the number of characters in some of my Sarracenia crosses!
  17. Hi Deltatango301, alas no, Chris hasn't settled on one yet but will hopefully have something up in the next month or so!
  18. Thanks tatter, definitely going to have to get one!
  19. Hi Blocky71, I was up near you the other day seeing another CP member, definitely isn't far! Do the SE, particularly Kent growers ever meet up?
  20. I was at his nursery recently and Chris said the website should be up soon, although it will take a while to populate!
  21. Thanks mobile and Stu, I know what I'll be asking for for Christmas!
  22. Thanks Stu, Ramsgate, that's great! We'll definitely have to meet up!
  23. Thanks mobile and stu for the recommendation! How durable to you find them and you ever get problems with them peeling off?
  24. Thanks mobile and stu for the recommendation! How durable to you find them and you ever get problems with them peeling off?
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