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  1. On 1/9/2017 at 1:46 PM, Gaz said:

    mine is still growing and flowering well, grows in a mostly mineral mix which at this time of year is kept quite moist.  @domi  your mix looks quite chunky/rocky do the roots actually have access to water underneath? It might be worth carefully digging it up to examine what's underneath.

    Yes I think that roots have access to water because the rocks are always wet and other pinguiculas in the same pot are doing very well. Btw I will change the mix next spring just to be sure

  2. Hello everyone, my drosophyllum is really not good but I don't know why, the tips become brown fast and there is no dew.

    The first photo is what it looked like one month ago and the second photo is 2 days ago.

    Soil is sand 50 peat 25 perlite 25, I water from top like 3 times a week, 5 hours of sun a day and the plant is 6 months old.

    Thank you for your help



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