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  1. Hi everybody, I got two pamerideas and I need sex ID. Please tell me they are male and female..
  2. Yes I think that roots have access to water because the rocks are always wet and other pinguiculas in the same pot are doing very well. Btw I will change the mix next spring just to be sure
  3. Weird, it woke up just 2 months ago
  4. Light and water should be ok, maybe because of high temperatures?
  5. I am pretty new with gypsicola, it is treated just like other mexican pinguicula that are going good. photos are before and after, what's going on?
  6. Looks like things are getting a little better with more water, new leaves are not turning brown so far
  7. I definetely increase watering and pray, thank you both
  8. Thanks for replying, I grow them outdoor and yes I have had very high temperatures recently. Do you think I should start watering daily? The pot is not wide but very tall (30cm)
  9. Hello everyone, my drosophyllum is really not good but I don't know why, the tips become brown fast and there is no dew. The first photo is what it looked like one month ago and the second photo is 2 days ago. Soil is sand 50 peat 25 perlite 25, I water from top like 3 times a week, 5 hours of sun a day and the plant is 6 months old. Thank you for your help
  10. The flower was 3 days old in the first images, I guess i had to wait a little more before taking photos. If you need to see more photos just ask and thanks for the answer
  11. Another detail of the flower
  12. I don't know, they all look similar
  13. It was a gift from a seller, he said it is a P. vulgaris but I am not sure
  14. P. Vulgaris or P. Leptoceras?
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