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  1. Some time since the last posting was made on this topic, but I have just joined CPUK, and hope that my very limited experience may be of assistance to someone. Regarding caterpillars and VFTs: I fed a few to several of mine, and without exception the traps closed tightly, digestion seemed to start, but the leaves turned black along the outline of the beast after about 2 days. Otherwise no permanent damage. So I just leave them to catch their own flies now, which they do extremely well. Short answer to the question: no way!
  2. Buona giornata Argo88, Even as a newbie (this is my first post), I can confidently say it is not a stupid question! In his description of the natural habitat of Cephalotus, Peter d'Amato in The Savage Garden (page 210) writes, "The plants are often found accompanied by Drosera hamiltonii."