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  1. Thanks again to all of you. I've put the two rebeca sopers outside, semi shaded spot, but with much higher light then inside. I'll keep this thread on these 4 neps updated, I hope, so anyone with similar problems or growing conditions could relate to this.
  2. Thanks to all who comented and helped me with this problem and my neps collection! Much appreciated. The pumice yes... It is my obsession a bit :) and I trust in pumice a lot, they stay wet inside the pot longer then one would expect, but I admit it may not be the best medium for growing neps. I still mixed quite some chopped sphagnum moss inside so the water does flow trough and I do like to leave the soil to dry A BIT, not completly, that would kill them, yet I am affraid of rot and oxygen is important factor for roots as well. The bloody mary seems that it has the most pumicei nmix, but it did OK for a season, this year it was almost (I hope almost) fatal for all of my 4 neps that I put them outside too soon. I really doubt they would develop pitchers inside my room The bloody mary will indefinitely stay in the room, others I hope will get outside one day to thrive. I'll also check the humidifiers you zerbius mentioned, I didn't know they sell these small ones :) Does any of other users have good experiences with these? Anyway, thanks to all you guys for advices and help!
  3. Thanks to both of you for chiming in. Unfotunately I don't have any terrarium like place to put them, to keep the humidity up. I just want to put them outside (those who can tolarate it) to give them better condition (more ligh, higher humidity, more air flow etc.) so they could thrive. The second one (rebecca sopper? or what did we land on?) thrived last year trough summer and made lovely looking pitchers (photo attached). So the bloody marry should stay in regardless to the warmth outside? Which one is it, the last picture? Sorry for the confusion :) Once I get it right, I'll just write the names on the pots to know. Thanks!
  4. Thanks @Zerbirus! Your assumtions might be correct, I've done some digging and it turns out I bough ventrata, sopper and bloody marry.. Don't know exactly which is which. One of the 1. or 3. is definitly ventrata. Maybe both. So would it be a good idea to put them out again. I don't want to stress them too much with in and out rythm, so if I put them out it would be good for them to stay out till autumn...
  5. Hi all! I have a small and very poor looking nephs collection, which I'm still hoping that it will pick up and do better. Here is the description of them and my climate/growing conditions, lower there are a few questions for you experts to help me out. The problem starts, when I'm not even sure which species these are, there might be bloody marry one of these. Earlier this year I ambitiously put them outside, since the April was hot during the day, but bit colder trough night, and some people told me that the cold scored my nephs, and this is the bad state they are in now... The leaves look burned, but I did not put them on direct sun. During the winter they were in my room beside the window, humidity is low during the winter (35% :S). There was later in may some cold spell and I put them back in again, that was about 2-3 weeks ago and now I'm thinking that I should put them out again. During the day it's around 25°C but during the day it's 14°C. Is that too low? I think they would much better be off outside since humidity and air is better and it's a bit brighter outside. I have them planted mostly in (dead) sphagnum moss, some mixed with pumice, some mostly only in pumice. Any advices, species identifications and such stuff is very welcomed. Thank you!!!
  6. klosi

    My peat bog

    Thanks! Looks realy nice :)
  7. klosi

    My peat bog

    Nice looking Bog, wonder how it will look in two months time ;) What is the main soil ingredient? Also do you have a link to a better quality picture maybe?
  8. klosi

    My peat bog

    Very nice! Where did all the sarracenias go? Do you cut them off during winter? Thanks for sharing this.
  9. Thanks for keeping this thread up to date and sharing all these fine progress. Congrats!
  10. The problem is my bathroom has no windows :S So I'll put it on windowstill and hope it will do fine.
  11. Thanks for the tip! Should they be inside troughout the winter right? Is it ok if I just have them on the windowstill or sohuld I put them in some sort of terrarium/empty aquarium where the moisture would be much higher? Thanks!!
  12. Hi all! I have 2nepenthes plants: Nepenthes 'Rebecca Soper' and either Nepenthes 'Bloody Mary or Nepenthes ampullaria x (spectabilis x ventricosa), not sure anymore :S I bought them in autumn and had the outdoors, where they did OK, not excellent not bad either. Rebecca Soper put out a few pitchers the other one made just one (and pretty small one that is). So now the temperatures are droping and I find contrasting information on how to take care of my neps. Right now the weather is OK (arround 16°C during the day and below 10 during the night). I have an idea that I should put them inside my room now, before it gets too cold. In my room it is arround 21-24°C and humidity is aprox 30-60%. There is not much sun in the room, so just normal daylight which will get shorter from now on. Is this ok to put them in for the winter time and back out in autumn? Thanks for any help and suggestions, here are also some pics if you guys can identify these plants.
  13. I'm not sure how seller kept the plants before me, I'll have to check. Here it can get up to -10C during the winter sometimes. So I doubt I can keep the plants outside. I have to think about it, for now I put them in terrarium and I hope they'll be fine. Thanks for help!
  14. Thanks for your reply Argo but I cant put it outside, here it is during the night up to -5C.
  15. Hi all! I have a question about cephs I'll be receiving very soon... I don't know if these will be in dormancy, all I know they will be bare rooted. And now I wonder, I don't have any experiences in keeping this guys, I tried to gather as much info as I could and now I wonder: - Does it make sense to take some root cuttings before I plant them in media, or would it not be wise to disturb the plant any further? - I read about temperature drop the cephs should have during the night, and I don't have a perfect place to pull this off... Will they be OK on a 23-24°C temperature? No night variations... - Will these cephs that arrive in the middle of winter (I'm from EU) be in dormancy? Should I put them somewhere with lower temps (12°C and weaker light)? Or should I put them in my small terrarium wiht artifical lighting? Thanks for your help and tips. Regards!