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  1. I saved around 20 plants pictures for all of them are at this link
  2. If your talking about this click on the text box and press delete
  3. no we dont get more than £5000 a year but we do have 2 trustees
  4. If it is to help other plants I am not against but the people need to know how to see if the plant is dying
  5. my raspberry pi just stopped out of nowhere and it don't work
  6. Lol I mainly eat meat and fruit but I don't eat lettuce or any plants that require killing to harvest I don't eat: carrots lettuce cabbage parsnip
  7. yep that is what happens you do not even need to donate the shops lower their price by themselves all you need to do is go to B&Q or asda look for some and buy them
  8. btw guys I know companies are not allowed to water them but they discount left over stock and all I am doing is buying those plants nursing them till they get better them give them away or keep them for myself these are a few plants and I thought I would do a good deed by taking care of them
  9. yes I want to try get asda help so instead of buying plants we can get them for free whenever they have left over stock
  10. @JMHoff the website is young and is only a place to post about new arrivals it is not to donate at all
  11. nope I am 100% not going to get more than £5000 a year