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  1. Finished reading the whole article and I think I might let it grow on the left side of my garden, where it'll likely get sun between 11am and sunset. Then I'll probably take it into the shed around the end of October (west-facing window, so it'll only get a couple hours of sunlight a day) Do you have any tips to protect them from the wind (apart from the vase as I kinda doubt my dad will have anything similar lying around)
  2. Thanks again. Would you recommend I take it outside/in the shed sometime in October and if it'd still be alright with less direct sunlight/below -5 degree nights? I'm just worried if I leave it out when there's a frost, it'll die and not recover when spring comes.
  3. Thanks :) I'm currently growing them on a south facing kitchen windowsill which is probably the only place I can keep it seeing as I can either keep the plant on the left of the house (avoids most of the morning sun) or in the right (where it gets the morning sun and some midday, but that's all) And I don't think I'd have something that could shelter it from the wind. Actually, would this be alright as a place to grow it? http://imgur.com/a/ALeq8
  4. http://imgur.com/a/TwJJM Well, on Thursday I went to the nearest garden centre due to needing some carnivorous plant soil (Lorbex Carnivorous Plant Compost) and just couldn't resist getting another plant. It's currently sitting in a plate of water, getting morning to late afternoon sun. Hopefully it'll actually stay alive for a while to come (rather than every single one that I've had dying on me, possibly due to growing them above the radiator)
  5. Thanks :) Will update everyone in a couple days on the growth. Also, will the fact that it is in a clay pot affect anything?
  6. http://imgur.com/a/xFhuL So I've left these outside for a couple days now and in the UK, we've been getting quite a bit of rain, some sun yesterday and Monday and a majority of the time, clouds. I've been checking on them everyday and my dad said yesterday they aren't looking as well as they did when I bought them, which I think so too. They kinda look slightly pale, with a slight yellow/green colouring rather than bright green with red veins. Is there anything I need to worry about concerning these or is it alright to keep them outside? Also, tomorrow forecasts say there'll be winds of 39 mph so should I bring them in for weather like that? And finally, might these problems be due to the pot not having drainage holes? I don't want to take the whole plant out in case all the liquid from the traps come out, but I also don't want to ruin the roots... Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi and Welcome to the Forum! :) I'm essentially from Derbyshire (on the border of Leicestershire) and joined the forum a couple days ago!
  8. Thanks! So oversaturation isn't a problem then?? I've put the pot on a small table where they'll get quite a few hours of sunlight (10-11am to sunset) and I'm just a bit concerned about them being too full with water, the pitchers flipping due to too much water. Apparently in the Midlands we're meant to be getting 10mm of rain tonight (10 litres of rain per metre squared) so I don't know if they'll alright... And basically, if I wanted, could I just leave them there and go to see them every couple days? Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks! I just weighed the pot and it's a 1.275kg pot including medium and the 2 plants if that helps. If I did drill holes in, would they be alright to grow outdoors on a shelf/table?
  10. Thanks for this. Should I just drill holes straight through (kinda worried I'll damage the roots) or take the whole plant/moss out then drill. Also, do you think these would grow well outdoors on a small uncovered shelf in the East Midlands? I'm thinking about doing that to give them more sunlight, but I'm kinda worried they'll become over saturated, be knocked over by the rain or wind (20 mph right now) or get killed by the frost in winter (with below -3 degrees most likely) One final question (sorry I'm throwing these at you, but I seriously don't want them to die on me...) which is would you know what hybrid of Sarracenia Purpurea it is? I feel like it's a Purpurea subsp. Venosa but I'm not sure to be honest
  11. Thanks! Actually, I just realised my plants came in a growing medium of (I think) live Sphagnum moss and only just realised there aren't any drainage holes! Will this be alright or should I attempt to drill some holes in or perhaps repot them?
  12. So I've been an avid carnivorous plant fan for 10 years now, just due to finding them fascinating. I must've owned 30 plants minimum, all of which have died within a year of getting (including VFT, Sarracenia, Drosera Capensis and Aliciae, Nepenthes and a Pinguicula) and I my dad reckons I just love them too much, "overcaring" for them. I recently bought a pot of Sarracenia Psittacina and Purpurea and my dad reckons this time next year, they'll be dead. Would anyone have any tips on growing these plants and future plants? If it helps, I'm from Leicestershire. Here's a list of questions which might help: Should I put them on a table, rack or in the shed during Winter for Dormancy? How often should I water them both now and in Dormancy? What's the best way of collecting rain water and are there any other methods of getting water suitable for them if we have a month without rain? (I think we had one last year and all my plants basically had no water) I've heard things like bottled water or boiled water that's cooled may work. Will they be alright sitting by a kitchen windowsill during Spring/Summer, essentially in front of the sun most of the day? I think one of the reasons my previous plants died (apart from not giving them enough water) is because I'd grow them in my bedroom, which is the opposite side of where the sun is facing (aka. they never get direct sunlight) When's the best time of year to repot, and would the carnivorous plant soil from Staunton Harold be suitable for them? Should I add small amounts of rain water to the Purpurea traps? Apparently they collect rain water but they won't be able to if I grow indoors How long would you reckon I should wait until I master growing these before I buy (and possibly waste) another plant? Any other tips? http://imgur.com/a/HdcU2 Thanks in advance!!
  13. Thanks for this! I've just made a post on the Sarracenia thread right before I saw this actually. I saw on the CPFAQs this message but I'm not sure if it's 100% correct: "The prostrate species---Sarracenia purpurea, S. psittacina, and S. rosea---can survive and even thrive in lower lighting conditions such as you might expect in a terrarium or windowsill. It is pretty obvious these shorter plants are adapted to the decreased sunlight they experience in the wild because of competing, taller vegetation. " I'm guessing I'll be putting it in the kitchen windowsill then (my bedroom never gets direct sunlight, the kitchen window is directly in front of it midday) and during dormancy, should I put it in the shed (unheated) and water it every few days? Final question: I asked someone at Staunton Harold for some tips and they told me I can use boiled water that's then cooled down to room temperature. Is this any good/accurate information? Thanks in advance!
  14. So I just recently got these plants and with help from Reddit, I've confirmed they're Sarracenia Purpurea and Psittacina but I kind of need some tips to grow them. I've been an avid fan for 10+ years now and after getting more than 25 plants, none of them have survived so I definitely need some help to let them last at least a year. I knew what I wanted before I went to the garden centre but didn't know which ones fit the specification: Basically, a good, hardy plant for beginners for a North facing kitchen windowsill or South facing bedroom windowsill. I want to try and keep one in my bedroom for a year but I'm a bit worried about pests (aphids), the radiator right below the window, the lack of direct sunlight, when to repot, artificial lighting (bedroom lighting which I usually keep on until 10pm-11pm) What tips would everyone recommend me in order to let these live? http://imgur.com/a/nTv2E