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  1. Any advice on treating mildew, I am assuming its fungal? better ventilation? slightly dryer? Thanks
  2. sorry I got a bit picture happy.
  3. Good Evening, Returning with an update and some questions if anyone can help? So far they are all doing ok but there are some marks on the leaves on a couple of the plants that dont look great and I dont know what has caused them? I also am a little worried about rot, there is a fair bit of growth from the inside of the plant starting to appear and alot of moss and plant debris which is keeping everything quite wet. I have tried to clean it out to help airflow without touching the plant is the moss something I should get rid of? and should I cover with gravel or the like to suppress it going forward? Also the plants have produced alot of big leaves and only now starting to produce juvenile pitchers? are they going to get enough nutrition if in reality they arn't going to catch much before the end of the summer? Thanks all Frankie
  4. Hi All, I have an update if anyone is still interested. 5 here all doing well, I have (reluctantly) bequeathed a couple to family and am told they are doing well so 7/7 are still hanging on . Have to confess I am very fond of these little plants now - so to continue my learning I have survived a winter any gems of advice for summer care. (Im in the South East uk) Thanks all.
  5. So I think they are all still alive, not sure i will know anything until the spring but thought i would post an update.
  6. Took my little one to the living rainforest today near Newbury, and saw this thought it was worth a picture. just labelled as Nepenthes
  7. Yes not ideal but my 1 year old is a keen gardener, she isn't the most gentle!! So when they go outside they need some protection from tiny fingers.
  8. Wow obviously a happy plant, is that a pond plant basket your growing in?
  9. Hi Guys I have growth!! Also thanks Blocky photos added
  10. Does anyone have any ideas of how to support the vines in a manageable way? What does everyone do themselves?
  11. try this
  12. Hi All Just a quick update, all are still alive over the last week a lot (up to 75% on the worst looking plant) of the pitchers and leaves have turned brown and started to shrivel off, however some remain green and firm and the centre of the plants remains firm yellow with a green tip. It wont allow me to upload any pictures to show you even though I have resized them to a tiny size ?? any ideas here and I can try again.
  13. That's interesting, I don't think the plants are showing any sign of rot just got too dry the main stems seem firm and light green. I am aware I need to make sure rot doesn't become a problem, would you advise pulling off all the moss that's grown up around for more air circulation?
  14. At the moment they are standing in a tray with 3-6mm of water in my unheated greenhouse, this is where I keep my napenthes (as my husband banned them from the house when they got too big). They are in partial shade as it does get hot in there, and I didn't want to stress the poor things even more. I don't have much window sill space as they are full of lithops ;)