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  1. Don't give up on it. The grow point looks still healty, so it will probably recover fine.
  2. Hello Some time ago I Found this nice population of Drosera intermedia. The site was quite small but there where many plants. The plants where growing in peaty sand near a pond. In the winter the whole location is probably very wet or partly submerged. I also noticed that the plants where much smaller then the plants I grow myself. They were only 3.5 cm high. Some close-ups: Overview:
  3. Nice collection! What kind of soil do you use?
  4. jasperD

    Is it too late?

    Hello That's a nice plant you got there! If I can see it right, your plant is a drosera capensis. Those plants are really forgiving so it won't mind being repotted now. I just repot my drosera capensis when it's needed. Drosera capensis is also a subtropical plant so it does not require a dormancy period, with optimal conditions it keeps on growing the whole year round.
  5. I would like to try this too, do you think sandstone would work too? Or should the rock be following special requirements? Jasper
  6. Thanks for the answer. They look really nice! My ping grandiflora only just started growing.
  7. Are the pictures from this year?
  8. Hello Thank you for all the help. I did move them as soon as I noticed the brown leafs and the browning stopped so I guess that it might helped. Yes, I did mist it because the dead leafs weren't clearly visible on the picture when they were dry. I can't raise the humidity but I'll watch out that they don't stay wet for too long after the misting. Thank you for the links I'll definitely check them out. Jasper