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  1. I would like to try this too, do you think sandstone would work too? Or should the rock be following special requirements? Jasper
  2. Thanks for the answer. They look really nice! My ping grandiflora only just started growing.
  3. Are the pictures from this year?
  4. Hello Thank you for all the help. I did move them as soon as I noticed the brown leafs and the browning stopped so I guess that it might helped. Yes, I did mist it because the dead leafs weren't clearly visible on the picture when they were dry. I can't raise the humidity but I'll watch out that they don't stay wet for too long after the misting. Thank you for the links I'll definitely check them out. Jasper
  5. Really nice pictures! It's always fun to see carnivorous plants in their natural habitat.
  6. Does no one has an idea where I could get an answer to this question?
  7. Hello I discoverd that nearly half of the leafs of my Tillandsia ionatha died off. Till the end of october it was growing outside where I tied the branch that I use as mount on a shrub where it was protected against the hot midday sun. When it became too cold outside, I moved it in. Now is the plant placed on a soud faced windowsill where it gets the midday sun. The temperatures vary between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius and the the humidity is around 50-60 percent. It gets sprayed every week with rainwater. Could it be caused by sunburn? It grows together with an Tillandsia albertiana but that one doesn't seem to bother. Do you have an idea about the cause perhaps? Or do you know where I can ask this where there are people that are more into bromeliads? Jasper
  8. The picture is quite blurry but I think it is a larva of a mosquito or some kind of other critter. I don't think they aren't harmfull for your plants. Jasper
  9. jasperD

    My peat bog

    That's a really impressive bog, I hope that my bog will look like that in a couple of years! Are those plants in the right bottom corner pogonia?
  10. I've lost 2 dionaeas this winter in my mini bog and I'm still not sure about a third one. My three sarracenias outside survived all (leucophylla, psittacina and a hybrid with leucophylla and rubra) The lowest temperature they had to cope with was around -10°C.
  11. Thanks for your tips guys. It seems like I was a bit worrying to much about it. I will see how it goes. Jasper
  12. Thank you for the tip. I will let you know if it works.
  13. Hello Last year I've bought a u. bisquamata it was a nice plant but there was a big layer of moss in the pot. The plant grew a bit slower in the winter and now the moss is getting bigger than the plant and I'm afraid that the moss will suffocate the little leafs of the utric. How can I get rid of the moss without damaging the leafs of the utric? If it isn't clear I can take a picture tomorrow but now it's too dark. Take care Jasper
  14. This is maybe a stupid question but what is a AW clone?
  15. After I did some research on the web I had the idee that my plant doesn't gets enough light so i moved it to a east facing window sill where it get more light. Tomorrow, I go to the local garden center and look if they have some orchid fertilizer. Jasper