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  1. Thank you Phil. Sorry for delay, just found this reply.
  2. Keith

    My Sphagnum

    Thanks for starting this thread Koen C. Now you have me started on it. Just ordered from that link you gave, thank you.
  3. I am trying to track a Sarracenia which I bought last year (2017) at Mike Kings early open day. Mike thinks maybe one of Ian's (Port Talbot). Currently standing at 83cm and labelled SL x SG. I bought it at the open day but cannot remember who from....any help is very welcome. Possibly Slack x Schnells Ghost ??
  4. Morning Natale. How is that plant doing? I want one
  5. Keith

    First time keeper,dormancy help

    Good info Linuxman, noted. As I live around 5 miles from my greenhouse and could not get out there regularly, I decided to top up to around 3cm when there. This then disapeared over 2 - 3 days. So a bit of a cycle really. Apart from regularly misting the entire collection when the humidity went down in the hot weather, no S. pitchers received direct filling, but do get some indirectly via the misting. I would think this occurs in their natural habitat. From the healthy growth of my collection I have gained valuable insight into their growth patterns, likes and dislikes. To brakmasi I can say my outdoor bog garden pitchers regularly had water inside them without harming the plant. There is a video from North West Carnivours (in USA) showing an outdoor bog garden, set in a pond, where tiny frogs live in some of the S. pitchers which have water in them. They are also a mine of info. As is the Carnivorous Plant Society. As all this is a great learning process and your input along with other growers, is very welcome to me also. Thank you. As an addendum I should mention that blackbirds, thrushes etc. will pinch the spagnum moss and look for food in outside pots and bog gardens if they are not covered, bless 'em.
  6. Keith

    First time keeper,dormancy help

    These plants do like to be out in the sun, the more the better. Indoors will make 'em miserable, they want sunshine and air. I can tell you of my experiences, maybe it can help. Most of my pitcher and VFT came from this forum...growers and the auction. All got through last year in a poly tunnel and two small outside bog gardens (not the growers). The weather here in Gloucester got to about -8c so all outside plants were frozen a few times. They not only survived but have grown vigorously, the VFT have been amazing, both in pots and in the bog gardens, huge traps eating through the local invertebrates. Water was kept at around 3cm in the trays (1 - 2") with more needed when the weather warmed up and the plants woke up and started growing. Browning of leaves is natural in pitchers as the year ends. Cut off just above the green part if you want to, other pepes leave it on. It did not make any difference with mine to be honest, they all did well with or without pruning. VFT leaves spring the trap 5 - 6 times (I think) then die off to be replaced by the next one coming along. Snip off the brown leaf. Keep things tidy to discourage mould and pests though. Hope this helps a little. By the way, two VFT were garden centre rescues and considering the cold weather, have produced the biggest traps.
  7. Keith

    Forum problems

    Good ol' Phil. Thanks for all your efforts to all.
  8. Keith

    Forum problems

    Thanks Richard. The internet is slow here anyway, combined with forum speed has reduced the frequency of my visits.
  9. I know someone who used heavy duty velcro to secure a couple of growbag trays to his window sills.
  10. Keith

    About Me

    Hi Martin..If you can get over to Paul's open day near Hereford the first week in August you will enjoy it. See google for P J Carnivorous plants.
  11. Keith

    My Plants

    Could you explain your seed light box set up please ? I have been looking into a similar set up. Thanks.
  12. Keith

    Hello from Norfolk

    Hi Christopher, good to meet you sir.
  13. Keith

    Psittacina advice, please

    Thanks for starting this thread Guy. The info from Richard is excellent and just what I needed to improve the lot of my psittacina, although they appear to be happy a la' Sarracenia treatment.
  14. Keith

    Hello from Spain!

    Hi Fernando, welcome .
  15. Keith

    Solar Fans

    Just a little add to this thread. The small 10w panel was not beefy enough to power the fan and trickle the battery (12v). I invested in a new 100w panel and deep cycle battery for my camper van trips. This is more than enough to keep both fans going and power two bottle top misters 24/7. So I got to thinking what else could run from 12v power? At the moment I am researching better misters and some lighting and maybe a heating pad.