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  1. Thank you for your comments. Yes of course, you have correctly identified the potential problem of pH being to high (the fish are goldfish and Koi, also a good population of frogs, newts and toads). If I do go ahead, I have a variety of carnivorous plants to experiment with, including S. Purpurea. But, I was wondering if anybody had already tried and what were the results. I believe the Irish populations of S. Purpurea are causing problems due to their illegal introduction, with the CPS. organising regular clearings. On that note, I will need to clarify my position with the appropriate authorities.
  2. Hi all, I hope all are well. A friend has a garden pond with permanently wet edges. In full sun and no shade it seems ideal for Sarracenia and/or VFT's. Being aware of pH needs and the pond full of fish, I wonder if anyone has had success planting straight into the pond edges?? When I say wet, I mean like a dripping sponge. Any views are very welcome. Thank you.
  3. Morning Joelugs. Just seen this post. I will take some pics and post them later.
  4. Hi Krzsio, do you have a book or considered publishing? These plants are outstanding, your photography is superb sir. Thank you.
  5. Hi Dan. To keep air circulation going I bought a couple of cheapo 12v 8" fans that run off a small mobile scooter battery. This is kept topped up via a 100 watt solar panel (also tops up other batteries). I had a 12v mister in there as well, to raise humidity when needed, but this has refused to work lately. Also this intense sun has resulted in some sarra's getting burnt lids, especially my poor old 'Goldie'. Live and learn eh? So some form of shade will be vital with some of the plants. Chimaera is right about the self seeding Drosera. I have them in most of the pots and seed trays. Very vigorous some of them!
  6. Morning Dan. My 6x8 has two large water trays full of Sarries, Sundews and Flytraps. I top up the long tray (7 foot) with 1-2 gallons per day in hot weather, depending on evaporation. I also invested in an RO system last year (about £60) which copes well. Tap water here is around 360ppm and about 60ppm into the water butts (off the roof). There are some very good plant sellers on the forum which enabled me to start my collection off.
  7. I will say never give up on them. Some Sarracenia and Flytrap seeds I had back in September 2017, after stratification (some fridge and some cold greenhouse) refused point blank to germinate. Then they sprang to life this early spring (contrary little blighters). Growing strongly now.
  8. Sorry to see this damage sir. Hoping they recover enough to have some sort of show.
  9. Hi matey, and welcome. We got off to an early start here in the SW. All sarracenia, Sundews and Flytraps are growing well. Bog gardens are a bit behind though.
  10. I have about 12 pots in the unheated greenhouse and several plants in an outdoor bog garden sink. All survived -8 freeze-ups and are bursting with new growth, although the bog garden plants are a bit behind. The tiny seed grown chaps also survived and are growing well. As Richard says, they love the sun, and where the sun shines THERE ARE FLIES and bugs to nosh on
  11. Hi FT. Those auto-vent openers are a good buy and reasonably cheap. Came in very useful during hot weather last year. My greenhouse is a few miles from my home and a cannot always get there.
  12. Morning. Won't take long to fill then LOL. Have you thought about water trays? A mate helped me to construct some last year. I fitted the pond liner. Lots more room to get pots in with loads of storage underneath the tray benches.
  13. Looks like a 12 footer? Loads of room and looking good.
  14. As RobH says, TDS (and pH) meters are cheap essentials. A lot of my rainwater comes off the roof and has never been a problem. I also have an RO system for when water gets in short supply, a cheap used kit off the Bay.
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