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  1. Hi. I've got some seedlings of D.Capensis and D.Aliciae which are all teensy and clumped together. Theyre all in a propogator at the moment (actually 2 propogators). How long should I leave them in there? I think they're still too small to seperate out though. Cheers Ken
  2. I don't know too much about this but i think that each flowe stalk actually has a load of flowers on each. You have to use pollen from day N to pollinate flower N+1. Course that could be totally rubbish. Just thought I read it somewhere.
  3. Wow! I could almost have posted that other thread meself! :) Thanks for pointing me at that!!
  4. OK so now I have little tiny teency weensy seedlings, but they're all clumped together in swathes and are far too small to handle - they're all about the size of a pin head at most. I can see some sticky glands on some though which is cool! Anyway, what should I do to seperate them out or will I just let them fight it out a bit longer and then survival of the fittest will mean I have the strongest ones to plant anyway? The size of the seeds means it's impossible to distribute them any better than I did! Cheers K
  5. kenmc

    little grubs

    Hmmm try this... the image I was pointing to is here...
  6. kenmc

    little grubs

    Sounds like what I had a while back. This them??? think the consensus was that they were fungus gnats indeed. Repotted and there was no further problems.
  7. holy moley! 45 days! oh well. was hoping to plant them near the tomatoes to keep greenfly at bay see :) Ken
  8. ok so, so I won't go dumping them just yet :) Was just getting a bit concerned cos the Tomatos were growing so well. That said the tomatoes are in the windowsill. will move the others in straight away and see how they go. Oh meant to say that the seeds were all harvested last year, and kept in envelopes, in the bedroom (not a particularly warm bedroom though, it's got no central heating) - could this have affected them, or should they have survived this OK? Thanks for the advice. Ken
  9. ok so I'll try that, but you reckon that all is not lost then, that this is not unexpected behaviour? Cheers Ken
  10. Hi, on March 21 I planted seeds from last year (Ping Weser, Drosera Capensis and Drosera Alicia) and they dont' seem to be doing a whole lot. They are in propogators outdoors in an unheated growhouse. After I planter them I also planted some Tomato seeds, and these have all sprung to life and are all at least an inch tall now. I'm starting to get a bit worried about the CP seeds I planted - how long should it take for me to start seeing "little bits of green" in my seed trays? Cheers Ken
  11. Hi, I've got a pot of VFT which is throwing up 4 flower spikes, all less than an inch high at the moment. They're out doors in a plastic grow house a bit like this:, so is totally unheated. I also have a S. Flava ssp Gulfensis with a flower spike about 2 inches tall in this. What should I do with the cold weather which is forecast for the rest of the week - leave them out or take them inside??? I really don't wanna lose the flowers, cos these are the first time I'll have seen these plants flower. Obviously I can't heat this greenh
  12. I have a bud on one of my saracenias (S.Flava something - need to check at home!) too! was so excited to see it! None on my S purpurea though, but loads of new pitchers coming up.. yay!
  13. grand so , well I'll let it flower and see how it goes... thanks for the advice...
  14. hmmm well hopefully I got them in time. the weather has really only been nice here the last day or 2, and they were open last weekend cos i was showing them to some friends, so it's at most 4 days of cooking. also it's only the one of them thats sending up a flower at the moment. fingers crossed anyway..
  15. hmmm cooking bad. do you think that they'll recover ok? Things can't be all bad if one of them is throwing up a flower right?? Also they they self germinate easily?? Cheers Ken