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  1. oh super interesting! Id love to have a CP filled garden! I think it will be easier for plants who aren't in pots.
  2. oh i love spreadsheets! The links starts in english but switches to portugese? Is that the translation of the same text? Another question: i have drosera capensis alba, should i tick d. capensis? I see other drosera have subspecies listed?
  3. I think boiled water still has a high level of minerals in them. I would only use rain water. When i started with these plants I used 100% peat. They were growing happily as ever. After a year it started to become too solid, so then i changed all the mixes with peat:perlite. good lucck!
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  5. The best way to keep your plants alive is to gather as much information about their needs as possible! They don't all have the same needs. Sarracenia need a lot of water. I saved containers from when i get chinese food, or ice cream, and i use those to collect rain water. Each of my sarracenia is standing in their own container, with their feet in rainwater permanently. They get all the sunshine they can get, I have them outside on the ground. You should be able to keep them outside all year. I also have a waterbutt in my garden to collect rainwater. I never add water to the traps, as they stand in the rain, but they also maintain the water level in the traps themselves. If you want to buy another carnivorous plant, I would first take a look at the temperature and humidity in your room, to find a plant that has those as its requirements.
  6. I have left my plants outside before in a winter and they completely died off (it was still a little VFT) and in the spring it completely came back from the roots. Now, I don't know if it has been freezing that winter, so i figured that one doesn't count. I will put a thermometer out there this year. This is what it looked a while after winter: and 3 months later: I really like to know the limits of the plants. I only do this with my spares!
  7. Beautiful! It's difficult to get an idea of the size
  8. welcome! another 'victim' to the CP addiction! Feel free to ask all your questions!
  9. Does that mean that growing Nepenthes in pure pincushion moss / Leucobryum would work?
  10. I noticed the air here is more humid than in the uk, to my surprise. I have no problem growing drosera, both in my windowsil and outside. Im experimenting to test its boundaries, but its a very hardy plant in my environment. humidity doesn't get below 50% where i live. I did some (non scientific) experimenting with my cape sundews: I tried different soils, the normal cp mixes are fine, just when i mixed an unknown moss type in they died. They survived the winter in very low light conditions. They did go into winterrest, which its not supposed to, but they came out fabulous when i placed them back in the light in the summer. I have tried temps ranging from 10 C to about 40C and they did fine. I do notice they grow faster in warmer temps I have had sundews stand in water at all times and sundews drying out for a bit before i watered them again, and that made very little difference for me. In my case the moss had the biggest impact, after that light and temp.
  11. I use a website to upload photos, such as flickr.
  12. D. capensis grows like a weed for most people. Personally I'd take it out, just to not let it spread everywhere, but that is not because it would do any harm to other plants. I have the white variety; drosera capensis alba, if you are interested pm me.
  13. Oh that sounds promissing then! Did they grow in just that moss, or with that moss as a top layer?
  14. welcome back and hello!
  15. They look green atm. I will put them outside when the weather is good, for the light.
  16. That looks very good! Is it possible to propagate the hydra with those characteristics?
  17. Very interesting stefan! Do you know if the roots stayed in the moss or went into the soil? I was looking at more common moss species here, such as Brachythecium, Polytrichum or Leucobryum. Has anyone tried these? With or without additional soil? Can they be toxic ?
  18. I have 12 sprouts atm ! So happy! Ada how long do you think it will take before they show the red colour?
  19. oh that doesnt look good. unfortunately im more into highlanders than lowlanders. I have lowland/hybrids that grow in my windowsill (which is actually 'highland' condition). They arent doing great, but still grow and make pitchers. Especially high humidity made it possible for me to grow them in cooler conditions. Brown spots sometimes come from leaf burn, but in that case the rest of the leaf is still a normal shape and firm. It might be rotten roots, im not sure. Your leaves seem to loose their strength. How wet is the soil? How do you water them? What is the humidity? I hope more experienced nep growers can help you!
  20. I was wondering: Has anyone ever tried growing nepenthes in other types of pure live moss than sphagnum moss? For instance hair cap moss? Would this work?
  21. Sounds like an interesting experiment. Im curious to results from people? If no one has kept their VFTs below 0, i might let one of mine outside this winter and see if it survives...