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  1. The odd thing is that my N. spectabilis didnt have it before, even though it was small.
  2. Yeah I have that too, but im gonna wait a bit longer till it gets really cold and then im cutting off whats brown. Some of my sarra's decided to flower again...
  3. Heat the one thats already there and move the plants from the existing one to the new, unheated one? That way they still get the same amount of light. Just the light to your "warm" greenhouse is blocked then.
  4. Two weeks ago the leaves of my N. spectabilis started to look a bit different from my other Nepenthes'. I haven't seen this before and the old leaves are still green and smooth. Does anyone know why the leaves suddenly have this white layer and what it is? See photos below.
  5. If i look at a leaf with spots on them the base of the leaf, that is shaded by other leaves, is still green. N. hamata is different from most nepenthes, in that it really doesnt like a lot of light. Naturally it grows very shaded in closed mossy forrests. I don't know exactly what it is, but I would try to give it less light. temp and humidity seem good to me, if there is enough airflow.
  6. It gives it a very natural look. If the Nepenthes do good on that, I really like it. Very pretty
  7. In the summer if the weather is ok I put all my Nepenthes out in the garden. They catch their own insects then (usually spiders in the night for some reason). If i find the occasional bug in the house i will throw that in an open pitcher as well. I dont think they need a lot of feeding, I am not all that bothered by feeding them. I think light and temperature fluctuation are the most important for Nepenthes to survive. Humidity also doesnt seem to have such a big influence on most of my nepenthes, but I live in a pretty humid environment. As long as it doesn't drop below 60% they are ok.
  8. Sure. It is Nepenthes Louisa. I has almost turned into a tree. From the soil to the highest point of the stem it meassures 110 cm. Unfortunately, in the winter this Nepenthes doesnt do as well with me as in the summer, since it gets quite cold here. This is my biggest pitcher: I also want to add, I triedd different pots and mixes with my Nepentheses. I noticed they grow very well in these baskets. That seemed to matter more to them than the mix. I just put the basket on top of an empty pot with holes in it, on top of a dish. This way the water can run through and then vaporize again from the dish below.
  9. very nice! I have had a Nepenthes that didn't pitcher for a full year. Now it started to make new (huge!) pitchers again. Manders you are right, most often the reason for Nepenthes not pitchering is lack of light. I think this one just needed a bit of patience. Keep us informed! :)
  10. Interesting way of growing them. Do you have much experience with Nepenthes growing this way ?
  11. I tried it once, but it died after 6 months...... these are not for me
  12. I started with other plants than CP; chinese roses and orchids. Usually I leave my chinese roses outside, but one time it rained a lot and I took them inside. The result: Lots and lots of annoying fungus gnats. So I started to look for a solution and found Drosera capensis. Once I got those, I got fascinated and got VFTs to get rid of bigger flies as well. The next year I got sarracenia's. I started to read everything I could on CPs to take good care of them and learn what else is out there. When I found Nepenthes, I was in love. These are my favourite cps. I started with the easier plants, and then over the years got more difficult ones. But I also don't have much space, so now I am trying to stick to what I have and not expand. But every year I buy 1 or 2 more plants just because I can't help it... I made a wishlist for myself, so I keep having something to look forward to and i don't buy too many new plants. I dont need every type of each species, I just stick to my favourites. It is addicting, isn't it?
  13. I have bought this same gardman sphagnum moss and tried it out. After about half a year i had 3 tiny sphagnum heads growing. So it is possible! The problem is that other mosses started to grow on the sphagnum as well and those quickly took over. As of now, a year after the experiment I have no live sphagnum moss left from this bag. I just used what was left as a potting mix.
  14. Tropicat


    welcome sal!
  15. These nepenthes do grow very slow. By the time you have one of these pitchers, you are a few years ahead, and they are not that easy to grow imo.
  16. I wonder if you really need to. They dont need a whole lot of food. I feed my plants the occasional fly that I find in my house. The VFTs that i keep outside catch their own bugs (usually at night). They dont need that much food to live, so I wouldn't bother feeding them extra.
  17. Welcome! That looks pretty good! Which carnivorous plants do you have?
  18. Are they from the little shop of horrors?
  19. Yes. A dry sarracenia is a dead sarracenia. I would be more concerned with them not getting enough water than with them getting too much. In nature they grow in swamp areas, so they are in water most of the time. Same goes for VFTs and some types of drosera. Some plants do need more drainage such as Nepenthes and certain types of drosera. You can find a lot of information on google the name to learn about the specific needs for each plant. Or try youtube, there is a lot of helpful information out there for each plant. I leave my sarracenia's outside, and i check them regularly. Whenever they dont have water in the dish, i add rainwater.
  20. I think it is better to grow sarracenia outdoors. I have them stand in water at all times, they never dry out with me. So if you really cant drill holes, i dont think that is a problem. Weighing the pot becomes a matter of experience. If you just watered it, its heavy. If they dry out, they become lighter. So when you just watered it, lift it up and see how heavy it feels. You can use that as a reference in the future. They can also take a light frost, so I wouldn't worry too much about leaving them outside. We have strong winds here as well. I took a big stone pot (more like a stone box) and put my plants in there when the wind blows a lot, so they aren't knocked over. Or place them close to the house, so they are somewhat protected. Other than that, I have a shed with a light roof, that could function a little bit like a greenhouse. If your shed is closed and dark, I wouldn't grow them in there because they dont get enough light, but if they get light through a window or a light roof, that might be a good alternative as well.