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  1. For me drosera capensis grows like a weed. I start to find them with other plants as well. The seeds must have spread when i put them together, bcs new sundews are popping up everywhere. I had such a big collection of drosera capensis (alba) last summer, that i started experimenting with them. I tried different soils, they can go pretty acidic before they die. Also i put some outside. The temp went down to -5 C in the night (5 in the day) and they survived. Only when the day temp went down to 0C they died. These plants can take more than i thought. If you would like the white variety, pm me
  2. Im also growing mine in tall pots in the windowsill. I used to have black tips too and wasn't sure what was wrong. I have moved them from a north to a south facing window and I started to water them twice a week with cold rainwater. It took them about a year, but to my surprise they now start to look really good.
  3. I agree, some dont seem all that different from each other. when im in doubt if im falling for marketing tricks, i bring someone who is not into carnivorous plants. If they can't tell the difference, its not worth it to me. Personally im in love with the jaws smiley! I bought this one last summer and i can't wait for it show its bigger traps!
  4. I wouldn't worry too much, if you provide the right care. dm's need a winterrest. In the winter they slow their growth, or even stop all together. You keep them on the dryer side then. In the spring/ summer they start to grow again. When they do, put them with their feet in the (rain)water! I had mine coming back from almost nothing. Please give us an update after some time! :)
  5. Im growing my sarra's outside in pots, unprotected from the environment. I have done this for a few years now, and they have done very well for me. But now some pretty bad frost is coming our way. It may get down to -10 C here. Bcs of the wind they predicted it can feel like -15C. How low can they go? I read online that they can take around 0C. Has anyone found the bottomline yet? Is it better to keep them dryer?
  6. I agree with Argo88 there, so nice to see when ppl post updates!! It looks awesome!
  7. Im a bit apprehensive to continue with the experiment... I have decided to bring it in and see what happens.. It has had a cold period now. I can still compare it to my other cephs that I kept indoors and see what the difference will be in growth. Do cephs need a dormancy period?
  8. Very interesting question. I have never seen anyone try this so maybe other ppl will know? Are you going to try this as an experiment?
  9. Looks good! I have one thats of similar size, but mine is struggling a bit. How often do you water yours?
  10. Wow that looks really great, It looks a bit like a lowland nep but i think you can grow it highland too? I looked up N. suki: its N. rafflesiana x sibuyanensis. I have N. hookeriana (rafflesiana x ampullaria) and a N. sibuyanensis. I'm growing both in highland conditions.
  11. Update: So i was planning to overwinter my ceph outside all winter. It had tons of new growth. It started to freeze here + it is very humid. All the new growth turned brown and my ceph doesnt look all that happy either. So im puting it in the shed anyways. My experiment failed....
  12. Im not sure what it is, but since the environment has an influence on it, I have the feeling its a protective meganism from the plant to sth bad in the environment. For now im blaming low humidity.
  13. It's always interesting to see alternative setups. Very interesting to see how the Nep roots deal with that!
  14. I have also noticed it on some of the leaves of my N. sanguinea, but i don't think that one is pure. It could be a hybrid. I have moved them around a bit so they are not in the sunlight anymore. My neps dont really dry out, i water them every other day. It could be low humidity, so im trying to raise that as well. I'm still trying to figure out what exactly causes it, if i think i figured it out i will let you know.
  15. Here in holland i overwinter my cephs in the shed.. I am going to experiment with the first all winter outdoor ceph. If it gets too cold, I might still put it in the shed or indoors... but we'll see how the winter goes. We can have pretty cold winters here
  16. I dont fertilise my nepenthes and i only give them rainwater. I have moved some nepenthes around, and noticed it disappeared from the leaves now. I think it is when direct sunlight hit the leaves that the leaves responded with this. They dont have leafburn. Im still not sure what to think of it.