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  1. Not possible, I germinated these seeds in a damp paper towel so I am 100% that this came out of the seed I bought :-) Yes, this is exactly how they look like. Picture below + picture of another germinated seed. 15R_9842 by fazi87, on Flickr 15R_9847 by fazi87, on Flickr
  2. Hi Ada, Thank you for a quick response. It was actually a UK based seller but I have to admit that I bought it on e-bay. Any Idea what plant it could be? Do you know any reliable place online where I can purchase VFT seeds? Many Thanks
  3. Hi Guys, It is a first time that I am trying to grow a carnivorous plant. I have bought some Venus Fly Trap seeds online and so far I managed to germinate one seed. The problem is that the seedling does not look like anything I have seen online so far Could someone tell me whether I have been sold right seeds? IMG_8370 by fazi87, on Flickr Thanks Martin