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  1. How strange, have you had them long?Mine have formed a resting bud for the winter. I keep them standing in water all summer then they are kept moist during the winter. They are outside all year.
  2. Hi there. Ive also bought plant from Bcp. Very good quality and good size portions from him to. Would love to see how your plants have come on since your last post. I have planted all of mine in equal parts peat/sand mix also. The drosera i done this with is D-roraimae D-solaris D-caledonica D-Oblanceolata. All apart from solaris have taken of well considering the heatwave that hit here in the uk, was reaching over 35c in my shed witch i dont think help matters for them trying of establish in my conditions. Hopefully with the cooler temps now arrivi
  3. Sooo many sundews,my eyes are watering after looking at them all. Thanks for the pictures they are great christian. love seeing them in their natural habitat. what a great holiday you had!
  4. wow that is a great hybrid, congrats!!. I especially love the tall growing species of pygmies. would love to have some gemmae of those this season.
  5. Hi there. Ive had problems with peat and perlite mix due to mold. Perlite needs a good airflow to provent problems i believe especially in the winter. Ive managed to sort most of the problem doing top watering time to time to flush the media through. I also let the water in the trays dry out for a few days before adding more. When gemma season comes around i will be starting from fresh but with a peat and sand mix to cut out using perlite. Im pretty sure perlite is the problem for you and i.
  6. Great pics by the way!. Perfect weather for it to. This was a great day indeed. My first time to Kew and it was one to remember. Mainly as i was not aware of the event being here for the day i turned up. A great surprise it made me very excited after finding out by a lady who i quized holding a Sarracenia said i can buy plants from a few stalls. I come away with some lovely pygmies and pings to add to the collection. Hopefully there will be another day like this not so far in the future.
  7. Ahh, i see. New here and still getting used to where things are. Cheers.
  8. Hi there growers. Here's a list of what im looking to purchase, d-caledonica d-prolifera d-solaris d-oblanceolata d-roraimae d-indica d-alba pygmies: d-lasiantha d-eneabba d-barbigera subsp barbigera d-grievei d-callistos d-stelliflora d-silvicola Please let me know if you have any of these plants for sale. Cant find anywhere on the forum for sales hence why ive posted. Cheers