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  1. Maz, I know the growing from seed experience is super cool - I'm a gardener so nothing better than sowing seed and watching it develop into good strong healthy plants. With it being your first CP though, why not take the hassle out of it and buy a ready grown plant from a reputable seller (online). Probably not much more expensive than seeds and less time to wait around to watch your plant in action and learn the ins and outs of caring for CP's. Also, October onwards is dormancy time for VFT's so you may not get much growth from seed before it dies back (unless you are planning to keep it under lights and in warm conditions over the winter however Adult plants would need a good rest via dormancy over winter to reach their full potential and not weaken the plants lifespan.
  2. Are those in shade manders? If so how much shade are we talking? Look like lovely strong plants.
  3. Well spotted! Think I'll nip down to Tesco this evening and pick up some of that cat litter. Try a mix of Litter, Perlite and Peat to begin with and then take it from there. Any advice on the moist/dry situation?
  4. Gaz and Yunzi Thanks for the thorough replies! I read quite a bit on the use of cat litter in ping soil mixes so might be worth a shot. My Ping 'Tina' looks to have originally come from carniflora and the potting mix seems to be overwhelmingly peat in my case. Think the moral of this story is just to try your own mixes. Amazing that we all have similar mixes for our other CP's and yet the advice on Pings varies hugely from one person to the next. Think I will take some leaf pullings in winter and try growing them on in a mix of Perlite, Fine Aquarium Gravel, Cat litter and Peat until I find a winning concoction. All part of the fun I guess! Yunzi do you keep your Pings dry over winter?
  5. So I only have Ping 'Tina' (Mexican Hybrid) in my collection but am looking to add more, sticking with the Mexicans for now. My ping is currently in a potting mix of Perlite and Peat, equal parts, and is doing well - new leaf growth and two flowers. However, I've read so much conflicting info on Pings and wanted the best guidance going forward. I currently grow using the tray method (about an inch of water) - this will be my first winter and I've read some people keep them moist, some people keep them dry, some people keep them the same as through the summer, so whats best? Also, potting mix. I've read they like an airy mix but also with some nutrients - many growing in normal compost, loam based composts, mixes of compost, peat, sand, perlite. Some growing exactly the same as normal house plants with the same watering requirements? Do they need some sort of nutrients or is a peat and perlit mix still OK? I have some fine aquarium gravel (this stuff http://www.petsathome.com/shop/en/pets/black-aquarium-gravel ) I can add to my future mixes but should I also add something with nutrients? A bit of John Innes no2? Thinking maybe 1:1:1 Peat, gravel, compost? I am planning also on taking leaf cuttings - can I start these in the same medium as my adult plants? Are there any special requirements? So many variations with pings I'm starting to confuse myself?!
  6. Sorry I can't help but that is a lovely Sarra. Assuming you've tried Hampshire's?
  7. Hi all By chance stumbled across 125l bags of Shamrock literally around the corner from me (I've been buying online!) Now stocked at Ken Bailey's / Wistow Garden Centre, South Leicester £8.50 for 125l - thought I'd put up here for any locals!
  8. Hi all By chance stumbled across 125l bags of Shamrock literally around the corner from me (I've been buying online forever!) Now stocked at Ken Bailey's / Wistow Garden Centre, South Leicester £8.50 for 125l - thought I'd put up here for any locals!
  9. Thanks picol I was encouraged at first when she asked if I knew how to look after it but then disheartened when she said she'd had the garden hose on it. I've given it a sniff and no there was no nasty whiff so will wait until she's dormant and pot on then.
  10. I rescued a pale Purpurea venosa from the market today (it gave me the sad, lonely eyes) and the lady asked me if I knew how to look after it because she was fed up of telling unhappy customers (following their death) that they 'need watering more than once a month unlike their cacti'. Bit of a joke really being as it was almost dry to the touch and not sitting in water. It was in it's original carniflora pot so I'm assuming the medium it's in is fine but when I asked her what she'd watered it with she told me the garden hose so I'm assuming tapwater. Question is, do I wash the roots off and pot on now, wait until it's dormant or wait until the spring? I want to try and save it while I still can without causing it any unnecessary stress. It seems in OK health other than being sun deprived and on the dry side.
  11. LeicesterCP

    info please

    I have a 'Fiona' and a 'Smoorii' from carniflora. Nice compact little Sarracenias but I'm not sure what the parent plants.
  12. If only we encounterred customer service like this in normal every day to day life. From what I can gather Matt is a top bloke and always willing to help no matter how small the issue may be. Great for somebody to give up a prize plant like that, just make sure you try to keep it alive
  13. Not a bad angle to work with! Ill give it a go!
  14. Hi Stu If it had been a normal open ended downpipe I wouldn't have an issue and probably would have just installed a butt knowing the pipe would be easy to replace. The main issue I have is that the downpipe is cemented into the ground/drain which means I wouldn't be able to replace the whole length. I'm sure you can get connecting segments but wouldn't want it to look an eyesore. Think I'll have to have a word with the Landlord but not sure he's going to be ok with this one.