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  1. If it's not Gypsicola I would still rather it's heterophylla than moctezuma no?
  2. Sorry my first time doing this... now you should finally see it!
  3. Sorry! try now please.[email protected]/shares/8S0Eo9
  4. As everyone knows that Drosera Regia if not fed properly as seedling they starve to death, please see attached pictures for Regia seedling how they curl around prey on their first dewy leaf![email protected]/shares/d2Lr1m
  5. Please check out these new photos the seller sent me from these same plants I don't think they look like Gypsicola I think it's a moctezuma or a hybrid...
  6. Sorry had problems uploading try the link now.
  7. Hi everyone could anyone ID these Pings seller states that they are pure Gypsicola's but to me they seem like moctezumae x Gypsicola or pure moctezumae. any ideas?[email protected]/shares/9m904w
  8. Thank you so much for the Pictures they look stunning. from these pictures I would say mine is a Gypsicola from what it looks like in the last few days, could you please tell me your growing system?
  9. I could probably send you a few.
  10. Tank you Gary I did know which one he catorgorized as Gypsicola my question is if it really looks like Gypsicola or maybe it's MOCTEZUMAE, HETEROPHYLLA or MEDUSINA would you be able to tell?
  11. What is your humidity like? it might be due o ultra low humidity.
  12. Sorry that the post looks bad it is my first time posting...